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Math Multiplication Table - Educational Children's Game for Android

Selasa, 19 Februari 20130 komentar

Nowadays technology has penetrated into the world anywhere. Besides venturing into the world of business, technology also penetrated into the world of education. Current technology is not only used for business or just for fun, but learning education of children can be done. Did not escape your current tech gadget can be used for the education of children. Many applications are emerging today that contains a variety of education for the children, but wrapped in an exciting and fun game that children can enjoy learning with great joy.

The game is currently favored children is a game in visual form. The number of gaming consoles are popping today's increasingly giving preference to the children to be able to play the game. However, of the many visual games currently available, most only offer fun and excitement playing the game alone, with no element of learning in them.

This time New Tech will discuss one of the kids educational games, the Math Multiplication Table. This game can be run on your Android gadget. This game offers learning mathematical form of multiplication is presented in the form of interactive games.

Concept and Gameplay

Math Multiplication Table is a game that has the look of a clean and simple interface for users, and certainly suitable for children. Other than that this game will not require a lot of time for children to get used to the game, because the concept of the game is very easy to understand for the kids who play it. Navigation view of the game is also very easy to use for children.

This game is presented like a game "Tetris" blocks that are falling arrayed below. But unlike it, the blocks in this game there are several questions that must be answered by multiplying your kids, if the answer is correct then the beam will disappear, but if one of these beams will continue to fall down and arranged neatly. Thus, if the beam is composed of more and higher, then the game will end. So at the next opportunity, the child must give the right answers, if you are lucky there is also a bonus in the form of a bomb that can destroy blocks arranged.


There are several levels of difficulty in this game that can be played when the course has been completed the previous game easier. Each level is higher then the question will be more difficult perkaliannya makes children have mental rhythm playing. There are also some questions that are repeated at every level to help children memorize the multiplication or correct answers seblumnya wrong. This game also has a ranking system. So every game that you play the child will be given gifts of gold, silver, and bronze.


In general, the application form of child educational game is perfect for your child who is still in its infancy. By learning the things that is exciting and fun, your child will quickly memorize the multiplication of mathematics. But actually this game is not just for children alone, even adults can play. Adults who play will help improve the performance of the brain such as thinking fast and sharp. Application developed by Developer Classroom Online Sciece can be downloaded in the Android Market for free. This application can be supported by the system Android v2.2 or newer.
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