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Maluuba - Like the Android Voice Assistant Siri

Selasa, 19 Februari 20130 komentar

Since Apple introduced the voice assistant called Siri, Siri alternatives exist that apply to Android and is available in the Android Store. Finding the best apps can be hard to do, until Maluuba advanced as Siri alternative for Android that promise. Just like Siri, Maluuba have the ability to listen, then respond to you. Maluuba have the ability based on three categories, namely search, management, and connection. Of these aspects, you can maximize the capabilities of this Android app.

Looking for an answer to be a common thing to do by Maluuba. You can search for any info, from the weather to places of interest around you. There are two methods you need to look for your needs, the voice search and explore. Voice search feature is one of the interesting things from Maluuba. This feature has the skill to listen to what you say, then searched for the answer. If you want to find a place to eat around you, the voice search will soon provide the answer.

You can give Maluuba random questions, and voice assistant will connect with Wolfram-Alpha, an attractive data center knowledge, to find a suitable answer for you. If you do not like the answers are generated, you can search easily through Wikipedia and other search engines as an additional option. In addition to seeking information, the existing noise functions can also provide other services such as opening apliakasi or email, and send a message to someone who is in contact. For this, it takes practice to display the results would be better.

If you do not want to use the voice, but chose to use the browse function to find what you need, Maluuba also provide these services for you, Through explore the features, you will be given an elegant look, and will work to help you. All you need do is open the application and then do Maluuba swipe from side to side until you are in the area Explore. From here, you can explore a variety of things ranging from the business, dining, weather, sports scores to update. Everything is done with ease, and you will not be difficult to find.

If you are looking for a similar application that is able to listen to your voice in order to help the busy schedule, Maluuba able to meet those needs. By entering events on calendar feature, especially you can synchronize with Google calendar later, just say what activities will be done. You can also set alarms quickly by using only sound, and you will feel the benefits. In addition, you can use voice applications to remind you of tasks or activities. Maybe you want to be reminded of something, just say your activities, and Maluuba will give a warning if the time is appropriate.

Maluuba can help you to stay connected or connected with others. You can use Maluuba to share things through social media directly, or it could be through a short message, email, or applications that exist on your Android device. There are also areas connect to help you stay connected with people. You can send updates of social media and texting, straight through Maluuba.

Maluuba is a voice assistant really knew what he had to do compared to other similar applications. The way it works is easy, simply by listening to the sound, and then carry out the things you want, be worth more than Maluuba. These applications can share things, such as providing information, open an application, contact people, social media updates, reminders of activities, and many other things that can be done via voice commands. Is Maluuba competitor is right for Siri? Could be yes, could not. This application can be downloaded free of charge here.
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