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Making Video With Mobile Phones Nokia 808 and Paid Applications

Jumat, 08 Februari 20130 komentar

Making Video Jadul With Mobile Phones Nokia 808 and Paid Applications - Have you ever watched movies G30 S PKI or reading text of the Proclamation by Ir. Sukarno? In film or video you can see a variety of effects that look interesting. Effects as it is quite difficult to be made in the present. In addition, the effects so high an artistic effect.

However, with the growing sophistication of technology, you need not worry. You can also make old school video from your mobile phone. As one of those phones that can be used is the Nokia 808. By using these phones, you can make a video or movie old school. To support the creation, you also need a special application that can make old school effects. Application is nothing but the Silent Film Director. Because so interesting no effect on this old school movie then this application was made for. However the price is so cheap at only 5 thousand dollars. What does it mean money 5 thousand compared to the existing artistic value. here's how to make the old school video.

The main thing you need to do would buy the application. To buy one, you just visit the official website at Ovi Store. Once you find it, then do a payment of five thousand dollars. Then, you download the application. Once it is installed as another application.

Once the application is installed, you choose Lauch or from the Start Menu. After the application icon or on the run then you will be faced with an inscribed Create Your Video, Action and Show Time. Because in this case you will make a video, then select Action. When you select the Action then be exposed to the view that demands you to do a variety of arrangements that exist in the application. So, before the video was made, you have to set it first.

There are a few things you need to set the page there are a few settings such as Effects, Quality, Scale soundtrack and also time. For effect, you will also be faced with a choice that is in effect in this application. Among them are Black White, 60s Home Video, 20s Movie, Sepia, Vintage Sepia, 70s Home Video, and the latter None (no effect). Of the effect is there, you can determine for yourself what effect do you think is best.

As for the Quality, there are also several options. Like, Low (192 x 144), Normal (320 x 240), High (640 x 480) and HD (1280 x 720). For the quality of the video you can select all four categories. To choose a good quality video, you can also select High. Of all these options, you should adjust the width of the phone screen is used.

For the soundtrack there are also several options. For example, From Video, Mute, Plucky Daisy, Handy Trolley, Movie Projector, Evil Plan FX, Mister Emposition, Look Busy, Old Time, and also Amazing Plan. In the options you can choose as you wish. In addition, you also can try first. For example, you memeilih Amazing Plan. To try it, you can select the Play button is at the Top Right. So, before it is determined not hurt you to try first soundtrack.

For the choice of how to make a video of the last old school that timescale. In this section, you will be faced with the choice, 1.0x, 0.3x, 0.5x. 0.7x, 1.3x, 1.5x and 2.0x the last. The smaller the timescale that you choose, the more slowly. And vice versa. The greater the faster timescale process. If everything is in top then you select Take Action.

After selecting it, you have to direct the phone to the object or the image will be created videos. For example, you want to make a video pack peasants. Then, point your mobile phone to pack contained rice farmer was hoeing. Following right on the object you select Record. At times you will stop recording then press the Record. Once all this is completed then the application was going to remender. The timing is very dependent on the length of the video and the quality of your video. That article on how to make a video New Tech Jadul.
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