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Laptop Compaq CQ 510 - Laptop Exodus Old Still Popular

Senin, 04 Februari 20130 komentar

Actually Laptop Compaq 510 laptop is an older one from a company that is licensed by HP. With a stylish design that is quite dynamic backed with a full black color so it looks fierce, that's what makes people much impressed on Compaq CQ 510's.

This laptop is powered by Intel mobile processor core 2 duo T5870, which makes Compaq CQ 510 can run at core speed at 800MHz FSB 2GH. besides, coupled with support 2G memory and 250G hard drive, so it is believed notebook PCs will be able to compete with products in the invite another class. During production, Compaq CQ 520 is included in the ranks of low-end notebooks. But it is not a problem, because the important thing here Compaq CQ 510 could prove his best.

One other advantage of the Compaq CQ 510 is the ability of cooling, because it uses intel core 2 duo. This processor is not known for making laptops heat up quickly, and this ability will generally last for a long, and depending on the usage. With excess is certainly making components in Compaq CQ 510 is durable enough, especially if you wear it in the air-conditioned room. Currently there are many laptop heat too quickly causing a disturbing though not duration of use. Additionally Compaq CQ 510 fan noise is not too loud, it can even be quite silent.

And if viewed carefully on the model and chipset, turns Compaq CQ 510 is almost similar to the HP 540. Some fundamental differences of them is the HP 540 screen resolution, processor, Webcam and of course logo. Behind HP 540 laptop HP logo are Compaq CQ 510 while wearing the letter Q logy, though both are a brand. Still Compaq CQ 510 is superior, because it is equipped with webcams.

Compaq CQ 510 has a 14-inch screen with WXGA TFT facilities and resolution of 1366 x 768. With such specification, of course, this laptop will be able to deliver quality images and High Definition video though, both with and without experiencing broken images. Unlike the HP 540 which only has a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Although classified as an older low end notebook, but the Compaq CQ 510 is equipped with DVD RW optical drive. The operating system can get to order.

Some of the other features provided are 3 ports USB 2.0 ports, Audio Webcamera, Card reader for SD and MMC. Featuring an ergonomic Bluetooth impressed with 101 keys. As for the Wireless Network Protocol provided there are 4 with the following code: IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11a,, IEEE 802.11n, IEEE 802.11g.

Compaq CQ 510 does not have a weight that is too heavy, only about 2.27 kg making it easy to carry out of the room.

There is a shortage of Compaq CQ 510 is the number of times complained of by its users, and is due to the unavailability of a special button to disable the touchpad. Actually touchpad feature is very useful when we're not using the mouse. However, this feature is often times often interfere with the activity type, because its position is quite close to the keyboard so often touched accidentally. Actually there is a solution if you really want to disable the touchpad is a Synaptics pointing device software. You can download it here.

If you've downloaded the software, simply install it and restart your laptop at Compaq CQ510 you. Restars required in order to obtain the adjustment process with other hardware in it. After that, take a look at the taskbar which is positioned on the bottom right> click show hidden icons> and then double click on the icon Synaptics pointing device. After that the windows will pop up a tab device settings then there is an option to disable the touchpad with the click disable. If you want to re-enable the touchpad, you simply need to replace it from disabled to enabled.
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