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How To Remove Scratches On CD With Toothpaste

Minggu, 10 Februari 20130 komentar

Because knowledge of the technology world is uneven, it's not unusual anymore when a lot of the myths that developed in the community about a variety of things in the technology world. The myth in the world of technology is quite well known of which is to boil water in the microwave to make it explode, or the myth that says you will get a disaster if you do not forward or resend certain emails. A lot of people who believe that their lack of knowledge about the technology.

One of the other myths that developed in the community is how to remove scratches on a CD using toothpaste or toothpaste. There are those who believe, and there are also those who doubt the truth of the myth. Therefore, in this article I will review the scientific New Tech whether toothpaste can remove scratches on a CD or not.

True or False: Removing scratches on a CD with Toothpaste

When viewed at a glance, the myth is very strange and hard to believe the truth. Why put toothpaste on the CD can save the data in it? why not just us sprinkle soy sauce, or pepper on it? Before you go any further confusion, let us see first what are the components that exist on a CD.

Each CD will have 4 layers consisting of CD labels, acrylic layer, aluminum layer and polycarbonate plastic layer. Polycarbonate plastic is a layer thicker than the others because it has a thickness of about 1.2 mm. In this apisan You can find a variety of scratches on your CD.

When a CD player is working, then it sends a laser light into the plastic layer and further reflection by the aluminum layer. The reflection will be back to the CD player to be read and translated into a video, music, data and more.

The process takes place quickly and repeatedly continued to produce smooth video. So what if there are scratches on the CD? If there is a severe stroke, the stroke will be blocking the path of the laser beam. So that the laser beam is sent by the CD player will bounce and the aluminum layer is wrong, then usually you will get the video broken if the CD contains a video.

If the scratches on the CD is very small, it does not matter because the CD and the CD drive usually has some error checking code that can overcome some of these problems. However, if the scratches on the CD is quite significant so that the laser light can not reach the proper layer of aluminum, then the CD will not be able to read some or all of them can not even read.

Save your CDs with Toothpaste

Some people say that cleaning CD by applying toothpaste and rubbing on it can cope with the problem. If you are still confused whether toothpaste can clean the CD, then New Tech will answer that with: "Yes, you can clean it with toothpaste". Then how do I clean it?

To clean it, first you have to make sure that the CD is clean of dust by wiping with a soft cloth. Remember, you should always wipe the CD starts from the middle to the outside to prevent various harmful scratches. If completed, then you are ready to put toothpaste on the CD.

Apply a dab of toothpaste on a soft cloth or you can also apply it directly to the surface of the CD. Rub the surface of the CD is the pattern of play like you're cleaning a car. You have to rub it slowly and not too strong to prevent unwanted things.

If you have been scrubbed, clean the surface of the CD remaining toothpaste. After that, try to note the scratches that were previously there will inevitably be reduced or disappear altogether. If you're satisfied, then just rinse it with water and then immediately dry it for use later on.
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