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How To Remove Ads On Android With Easy and Free

Jumat, 08 Februari 20130 komentar

How To Remove Ads On Android With Easy and Free - A lot of media that can be used for browsing in cyberspace or the internet. One is handhphone with Android system. This system has its own ways and places to get the application in it. So you need not bother to open something through search engines or search engine. In this system has provided a variety of applications in it.

Various applications can be downloaded easily through Android. All the applications in it are given free of charge and easy to use. Thus, a mobile phone with Android system is download the application directly via mobile. The main capital for download is using wifi network. If you do not support the wifi area it can be downloaded by use traditional data packets on your Android.

Applications on Android can only be used on Android phones. If you use a mobile phone than Android then the application can not run in it. Although the non-Android phone you already higher tingkatanya it still can not be used. It aims to provide outstanding service to its customers and users of Android.

However, sometimes there are things that annoy users when using Android. One of the things that may be less pleasant was the ad. Usually it comes when we are happy to run and download the app in the Android Market. Mostly, this ad out when you download a free app. Thus, it takes way to eliminate ads on Android

One way to eliminate them is to use an application with the name adfree. This application is provided free of charge to users of Android. In this case then, it helps to remove the ads in it.

If another application that can only be downloaded through the Android market there, but for adfree also be downloaded via your computer or laptop. All that you can get for free. You can download it here.

In addition, there are other ways to get rid of ads on your Android, by running through the PC. The trick is as follows:

    The first thing you must do when in need of software or application is to download the application Adfree. Right here.

    Once downloaded, you install the application. For how to install, adfree is the same as the others. so, you just follow the instructions in it.

    Now the application is already installed on your Android phone. The next step is to open the application.

    When opened, you will be given the command to allow super user access to the application or not. So, should you choose is to allow super user access.

    Then, you'll be in the show commands like "boot normally or show TCPdumn screen". The purpose of this command is if you choose boot normally or TCPdumn screen. So, which should you choose is booted normally.

    Next, you are instructed to do the registration or enrollment. Fill out all the forms that exist in it. Try to fill all there is to speed up the process.

    If successful registration process, you will be shown a page where there are several options form must be checked or selected. Things you have to do is select or uncheck all there on the page. Then, at the top you select download and install hosts.

    The process is considered successful if it says your Android device should now be adfree, however you might need to reboot to clear your DNS cache. After that, you select ok.
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