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Have you ever forget or lose the serial number or license a variety of applications that are installed on your PC or laptop? Currently there is a wide selection of apps to find the serial number or license forgotten stored where. This time New Tech will help you to find the serial of the application with a variety of portable applications to seek licenses in your device.

Magical Jellybean Keyfinder & Enchanted Keyfinder

Magical Jellybean Keyfinder and also Enchanted Keyfinder is a portable application for license seekers find the serial or product key of an operating system or applications on your computer. Both applications have their uses and are also a function of the same the only difference in the search results as well as it looks.

Magical Jelly bean Keyfinder comes with a paid version that seems to be looking for more of the serial number and product key that is on your computer system, but if you want to use the free version you can get it here with a size below 1Mb.

In the status bar, you can see the locations of the serial number is found on the system. Application name will be listed in the left frame and information about licensing or serial number will be displayed in the right frame. The amount of information displayed really depends on how many applications all that is on your computer system. Some of you may just be showing serial key only, without detailed information.

At the bottom of the file, you have the option to save or print the results of series that have been found. Entries will be saved as a text file and printed in the same format.

Enchanted Key Finder works exactly the same with the application Magical Jellybean Keyfinder, you should use them to complement each other, because if one of the two applications can not find the serial in a PC or laptop, you can use one. If you are interested in the application Encharted Keyfinder you can download it here.


LicenseCrawler is basically a wider application of both the application and the Enchanted Keyfinder Magical Jellybean Keyfinder. Application License Crawler will perform a full scan on the registry and are not limited by certain restrictions. Before you run this application you must agree to the disclaimer prior application developers

LicenseCrawler actually have a support network, and you can find the key on another computer on the network. In addition, the recommended initial scan using the default option. You can download this portable applications here.

Once the download is complete run the application and then click to the Start Search button to perform the search process. Do not be confused when you get it, LicenseCrawler not adware applications. Wait about 20 seconds when the pop-up ending. To disable the popup, you must purchase a license LicenseCrawler. But if you like the free version, wait for 20 seconds. Once the pop-up is gone then this application will do the registry scan and find the serial number on a computer you own.

Once the process is complete then LicenseCrawler will display information about the product key or serial number that is on the computer in your possession. Once the scan is complete, you can check the file or use the menu option to save, encrypt, encode or decode with applications LicenseCrawler.

None of the three search applications licenses that has been reviewed is perfect, but at least these applications can help you to rediscover serial, license or product key you have forgotten or lost. Although it can not detect all applications are 100% of the existing serial code on your system
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