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How To Maximize the Samsung SGS3 Features: Smart Stay, Direct Call, S Voice

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

One of the phones are pretty cheap right now is Samsung. A variety of products launched by the phone vendor, one phone so well known is the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. On this phone there are some interesting features and is also quite sophisticated. with a number of features that are sophisticated enough not be surprised if the phone is priced at a great price.

There are several features of the Samsung Galaxy S3, this feature is a distinctive feature that is on the phone, so users need to enable the feature. The features are stored on this SGS3 include Smart Stay, Direct Call and also S Voice. To enjoy this feature, you need to do the activation manually. Here's how to enable the feature Samsung is so typical of this.

Smart Stay

This feature can activate the manual way, so the need for several steps that you should do. The first thing to do is go to the menu Settings> Display, the menu features select Smart Stay. For mengaktifikannya you live tick the box in the right hand post.

Here, you need to know a few things related to the functions of this application. Stay Smart will not be able to function properly if the device is not installed. In addition, this application can not be used if a secondary camera can not detects the face and eyes. The third thing that can cause this feature is not running the light source is behind you, the fourth is when secondary camera is being made to run other applications. You can download the application Smart Stay on Google Play Store.

Direct Call

One feature Samsung the other is a Direct Call. This feature can indeed be categorized as advanced features, using this feature you can call a friend whose number was on the screen. The way is very easy to call him that just by lifting the phone, then put the phone to his ear. This feature can work properly on the display of SMS, Call Logs and contacts.

To do so, go to the Settings menu, then move the motion switch. To enable motion, you can move it to the right. To activate Smart Stay the same by checking the box on the right. To deepen the knowledge of this feature, you just select it Learn About Motion. This application can be downloaded here.

S Voice

Basically,'s voice can be directly accessed from the App Drawer. To run it, you will need to confirm and approve disclamer Term of Service of S Voice is displayed on your phone screen. Click Confirm to confirm, after which you will be taken to a next screen, select Agree on the display.

After a deal by clicking Agree, you need to perform various settings. For settings actually not only one but there are a few settings, but the setting is not a necessity that you can do. So, you can skip these settings first. To do the things that, you just select Skip or Step.

After doing the above, you can directly run this feature. There are two ways to run, first through the main menu App Drawer, both through Home. To run a quick way, press the Home button twice. That way you can directly run quickly. S Voice Applications can be downloaded here.

All three of the above features can be used as needed, so you can choose one or use all the features in it. This is done so that the features therein may effectively as possible. The most important of the three features of the Samsung above is to be activated manually. Thus, there is no term activate automatically.
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