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How to Manage Android Devices For Children For Safe When They Use?

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

There is a stigma that focused on children and current technological developments particularly with devices such as smartphones and tablets, which are affecting their relationship. Many of the children who spent time playing with the use of a variety of things that exist on a smartphone or tablet. Parents also wanted if these technologies provide benefits that affect the child's future development. Android is one medium that can appease the parents, especially when they want to monitor children or leave children while playing devices.

Through Android device for a child, you can reduce the negative perception through games and activities that kids do it. Touchscreen can be a good means of developing motor coordination of hand and eye, and a lot of Android applications and games that infuse elements edukasinya. One important, do not use your Android device as a diversion only child when you are working. Use it as a medium for the development of the child, but still under the supervision of parents. Do it this way, and you'll get the next good thing.

For various reasons, you are not allowed to leave the children play without supervision Android device from you. Make it safe untukbalita Android device with a teenager will certainly be different. Therefore, the action taken will also be different.

For children who are teenagers, a smartphone might be able to be a necessity, but please remember, if the smartphone also offers unlimited access to surfing in cyberspace. There are two danger signs that you should look, the first is access to content that you do not want, then the second issue of the use of large amounts of data and redundant. To fix this, you can use some protection software to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content, or content that is disturbing, also to secure Android devices being used to download free and paid applications that are not desirable. Net Nanny for Android is a software that offers such protection at a cost of $ 20 per device per year, and you will get the control to filter and uninstall or block the application. Through version of Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to the top, you can take advantage of the setting data to provide warnings and restrictions. Simply go to Settings then Data usage and check the box that says Set mobile data limit. This step will ensure that children are not wasteful in the use of data. In addition, you can also suggest to use the wi-fi network if available.

For toddlers, you should avoid having to leave children alone to play with Android devices. Always be kept near the child to be able to watch her. But if you're not forced to be close by, for example, you're focusing with other things such as phone calls or work, you can install the application to make sure the child does not perform actions that should not be done. You can use the app Kids Mode by Zoodles you can temukakan on Google Play Store. By utilizing Kids Mode, the device will lock Android apps, and you can select apps and games that can be accessed by children. The key features of this application is to make sure kids do not do random calls, visits paid apps, or tap on the things that are not necessary. Lock option has standard functions, and content within it is also free, including art content, story, game, and, cartoon. You can also set different profiles for multiple children. Additionally you will gain access through a different icon, where it will give you control over what content should be accessible to children. The free version of this application has a powerful ability, but if you're going to switch to the premium version, you'll get a few extra features.

Children, no one can stop to always be active. With the rapid advancement of technology, so they can be incorporated to further develop what is present in children, but the use of technology in children of parents also need to be monitored. That too, is happening now between Android devices and children. Good and bad, you have to make sure
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