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How to Make Your Own Screensaver with your photos Slide Show on Computer

Kamis, 07 Februari 20130 komentar

Screensaver is not very important to you, but the screensaver is embedded in your computer. For those of you who like the screensaver might want to how can I make it looks more beautiful. With the existence of this screensaver display device your computer will seemingly be great. Therefore, the default view comes from a laptop or from Windows it look less attractive. in addition, the presence of this screensaver, you will not be monotonous in one color or image, but from a variety of images and colors. With it, your computer will then look more attractive.

Something will aesthetically more satisfying if done alone, including in making screensaver. Therefore, the results yourself, you make every effort to get it done. A lot of time and sacrifice expended to make it. So, when something is finished it will make a satisfied owner.

Therefore, now Paseban will provide a way to make their own screensaver on the computer. Done on the computer because the device is to be one's choice when working. This method can only be dilakuakan on Windows XP and vista. Consider the following steps
How to Set the Screensaver in Windows XP:

    You have to prepare the computer to be changed screensavernya. In addition, your computer must be installed with Windows XP. With that it will speed up the manufacturing process.

    Then, you prepare a variety of photos that will be used as a screensaver. For photos, you can choose the various events. The aim is that the screensaver will look more attractive. For manambah interesting, you need to adjust the event. Thus, the event that no one should touch or compliance with another photo.

    After that, the photos you set in a folder. It aims to simplify the manufacturing process. So, you no longer need to bother looking for the photo.

    On the desktop computer, you need to right click on all parts. Then, you can select the display properties. After selecting the part, you will come up with several options on that need to be selected. As for the part or item you choose is the screensaver tab.

    At this stage, you also come up with some parts. The parts that you need to choose is the screensaver. Then, you get my picture in the slideshow. Thus, according to his writings, you can take a photo on the computer. because, in the post using my words.

    Because your position is to replace the need for an adjustment on your screensaver. Then, you select the settings in the options on the menu my picture slideshow.

    In part this setting, you can set various options that exist in it. So, in that section there are several options settings to your liking.

How to Set the Screensaver in Windows Vista:

Windows vista is on the release of Windows prior to Windows XP. Windows has many advantages in it. However, beyond the advantages there are also disadvantages. As one of the advantages of Windows vista is on screensavernya. Thus, setting in Windows this would be easier than Windows XP.

So, in Windows Vista, you no longer need to use the software. So, you no longer need to download from the internet. In addition, you no longer need to take the time to search on google or other search engines. This only made on your desktop. The way is as follows:

    Pick a few photos to be used as a screensaver in a folder itself. Then, you save in the My Picture.

    You go to the computer desktop. then, right-click and select Properties.

    From that page will appear a few options. As you should select is a screensaver. To be able to choose their own image, you select a small arrow.

    Then, you select an image or photo you want to appear on the My Picture.

    Finally, you select Apply to display it on a desktop PC. As for the look first before come up, you select Preview

How? Hopefully this article can help you to make your dreams screensaver.
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