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How to Make Graphs Easily With These Sites

Senin, 18 Februari 20130 komentar

From the first cave paintings to logograf, then of course the alphabet, human achievement has been tied closely to how we put the option. Come to think of it, we are still learning how to communicate. Twitter and Facebook bring change our lifestyle so far.

Wikipedia page histories of visual capture this and told us that the infographic does not mean that an invention of digital culture. The only difference between then and now is the amount of information that overwhelm us. Infographics give us the tools to cut the communication barriers. Patterns, trends, and relationships become more understandable. This article will discuss how to create a chart with some tools that you can use.


Visual.ly usually talk about how to create a graph. This is a community of more than 35,000 designers like data visualization. When you visit the site, you can treat it as a best data visualization. But beyond that, this site has free tools on offer if you are interested in creating an infographic. You can also upload you have made to the Visual.ly after signing up, and it's free.


You can log in using your Twitter or Facebook account. Visually Create have a template that can be customized with your information. Visually Create fun things about is that you do not need to know about graphic design or have the analytical skills to use Visual.ly. This gives you a shortcut to the template, although in limited amounts.


Visual.ly is a creative design work. You can embed them in blogs and forums you without restriction. As the site itself, it's all about visual communication. Blog Visual.ly well worth reading if you are interested in facilitating the picture.


Ease.ly still in beta and is free. Hopefully will remain free because this is one of the few facilities that you can use to make the infographic from scratch.


Ease.ly give you a pre-designed theme called vheme for drag and drop in a blank canvas. You can customize the infographic with objects, shapes and text. Uploading images can help you to bring your work you have saved on your device. Infographic stored on this site, and you can share it from there.


How to create a graph with drag and drop, twenty different letter styles, and a grid for precise placement is a feature that you definitely like. You can also use visual public on this site as a template for your own infographic.

Many Eyes

Many Eyes is a data visualization tool created by IBM. It's experimental, but still quite useful for many visualization has discussion boards. You can comment and discuss any visualization. You also can select the visualization of data and a link to your discussion. Many Eyes is also flexible if you want to create your own visualizations.


Use the data sets on the site or upload data belonging to you. Many types of charts are available for inclusion in the data matrix of scatter plots and charts to word and tag clouds. Various options allow you to display structured data and unstructured.


Many Eyes lets users create Topic Centers that looks like a small portal where you can gather all the visualization and data sets related to your theme. You can start a discussion on the topic.


Infogr.am is one of the fastest tools that you can use to make the infographic. It also follows the template for a model that can be customized. When talking about numbers, this tool has collected nearly 400,000 infografis just over a year. This is certainly one of the most easy to use as the only thing you need to start is the data. Infogr.am claim that you can publish your work within minutes of signing up with Facebook or Twitter. You can store all the works that you create in the library.


Use the WYSIWYG editor to choose a theme and fill it with data. One of the great things about Infogr.am is a wealth of design and interactive charts that you can create.


Drag and drop interface coupled with Excel like grid to include statistical data is user-friendly. You can also upload a MS Excel or CSV file and edit it on the page Excel compatible. This site also supports interactivity was also aided by a video from Youtube and Vimeo. Charts Online tool helps you create interactive charts quickly
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