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How to Improve Google Chrome Custom Search

Jumat, 15 Februari 20130 komentar

When viewed in terms of browsing speed and versatility, Google Chrome might be your favorite. The magnitude of this speed comes from the browser itself. Speed ​​is the result of the extension in Google Chrome.

In addition, other ways that are often passed to boost the Google Chrome browser you are using Google Chrome custom search. By using keywords that have been set, you can find almost all the sites you want through Omnibar Chrome. This is a search engine that can be customized and added to your browser automatically when surfing the web, but this article will also be shown how to add your own search engines to the list.

Adding a search engine from Wikipedia, Facebook, or your favorite blogs is a great way to start, but you do not have to stop there. You can use the search Chrome to run more than a simple search query.

You might do a Google search directly from the address bar using a keyword. You can also set up a search engine that can be customized. This article will discuss about how to enhance the functionality of the custom search Google Chrome.

First, the fundamentals

Custom search Google Chrome can be accessed via the preferences. Open Chrome settings page and scroll down to preferences 'Search'. Click on 'Manage search engines ...' to open the search pane. Here, you will be able to see all the search engines that are active in your Chrome.

At the bottom of the "other search engines", there are three inputs that you can enter to add your own search engines to Chrome. Add the name of the site, the keywords you want to use to access through Omnibar Chrome, and URL search. By using this system, your search will be more specific.

By default, Google Chrome extensions use the site's domain and a keyword (eg, xi-game.blogspot.com), but it is advisable to arrange your own keywords. You can create an easy to remember keywords and quickly typing , like 'dict', 'goog', 'yout', 'subs', and so on. All depends on how you make it easy for yourself.

Bookmark Shortcut

You can use Google Chrome to access Omnibar bookmarks. You can add bookmarks as though this is the search engine. You just add a search engine to Google Chrome with a simple keyword and URL of the bookmark.

Now, you can run a site with a simple as entering a keyword in the Google Chrome address bar and press enter. This is especially useful for pages that use complex URLs.

JavaScript Bookmarklet

Bookmarklet is a short piece of JavaScript code that you add to a bookmark. Bookmarklet an alternative, faster for a simple browser extension. Among other things, you can use a bookmarklet to shorten the URL of the page you are visiting, clip articles to Evernote or Facebook, to convert a web page to EPUB, or search for words in Wikipedia.

Creating a bookmarklet that can be accessed through the Chrome address bar is very similar to the way in which the explanation above. You just add the bookmarklet JavaScript code in a URL and set the keyword to access it.

Note: Make sure the code is prefixed with '[removed]'. Google Chrome delete this keyword for security reasons if you are using a bookmarklet script.

Several Keyword Query

By default, you can only run this search to a single parameter. This is great if you're looking for something on Wikipedia, but it is not enough if you're looking for driving directions between two addresses.

First time provided by Lifehacker for Firefox, Google Chrome and adapted to by Jon the Geek, JavaScript snippet shown above works neatly around the restrictions. Enter a URL in the form of code, with '% s' is used to indicate each parameter, and add JavaScript to a search engine such as done previously. Use a semicolon (;) to limit the parameters, you can perform multi-parameter search (eg argument-1; argument-2).
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