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How to Fix a Corrupt File on CD / DVD with BadCopy Pro

Minggu, 03 Februari 20130 komentar

Have you ever data corruption problems or even loss of data stored on a CD / DVD? Although the CD / DVD is the most commonly used medium for storing data, but the media lacked robustness and security is assured, especially if any of the treatment. Therefore there are many cases of data loss or damage to data stored on CD / DVD.

There is a myth that if a diskette that is not readable by windows exploler the file data on the media is considered to be doomed or is not in recovery. For those of you who are having problems like that do not need to worry anymore, because there is now software that works to restore the data, namely BadCopy Pro. Here Paseban give way to repair damaged files BadCopy:

BadCopy Pro is a leading data recovery software that can recover data fully automatically. BadCopy Pro can save all types of files like documents, applications, pictures, video, MP3, etc. that exist on your storage media. However, BadCopy Pro is not only able to recover the damaged data on CD / DVD only, but is also able to recover the data on other media such as memory cards, Zip disks, floppy disks, USB flash drives and other storage media. System recovery by way BadCopy Pro is actually just a repair disk media itself.
Here is a complete list of software usability BadCopy Pro:

Recovering data is not accessible by the floppy disk, CD or DVD

Fixing a damaged floppy disk

Recovery files are not readable

Addressing the problems of data loss in the process of burning a CD-RW

Retrieval of data from all sessions on multi-session CD

Data recovery on UDF discs and supports DirectCD and InCD

Recovery of data on Iomega such as Jaz, Zip, MO disks, and USB flask drive

Photo data recovery on digital camera storage media

Data recovery on a DVD, CD-ROM is physically damaged.

You can get this smart software to download at here.

After you've downloaded, here are some steps on how to use BadCopy Pro:
- There are some media that can be recovered by BadCopy Pro, the floppy disk, memory card, USB flash drive, Zip disks and CD / DVD. You simply specify the media to be repaired

BadCopy Pro has 3 systematic way to improve media, namely Rescue Corrupted files for data that is readable by windows exploler. While the other is the mode Rescue Lost Files Rescue Mode version 1 and version 2 Lost Files Mode. This method can be used on data files really are not read by wondows exploler.

Your data that can not be read can be recovered by the Rescue Lost Files Mode version 1. However, if the mode is still not restored, the other alternative is to use version 2.

Rescue Lost Files Mode version 1 improve overall data folders that exist on the media.

Rescue Lost Files Mode version 2 will scan the whole media, even including the bad sectors on the source media.

There is a dialog box will pop up option lists the files you want restored. Defalutnya description is as follows, C: \ PROGRAM FILES \ JUSFSOFT \ BadCopy \ recovered.
How long does it take for recovery is determined by how severe the damage data. For the end result you can see in the report of this software.

But you should know that BadCopy Pro is available at the link above is a 4:10 version of BadCopy Pro Build 1215 for USD 39.50. BadCopy Pro file does not have great size, only 869 KB and can be used on all Windows operating systems.

This software can be run on your PC with the requirements 13 MB RAM and 1 MB of free hard drive space. BadCopy Pro is an intelligent software that was developed by a developer named Jufsoft.
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