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How To Find Thieves Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

The price of a mobile device is not cheap. Moreover, you are in love with smartphones, tablets and laptops are sophisticated. Sophistication it will be costly and because it is an expensive device, mobile, including small and valuable data on it so thieves are very much interested to have it. Whether it be resold or used alone. This device feels very vulnerable theft. Some people may appreciate more data in it than the device itself. devices can be bought, important data is second to none.

The device is also very often we take it everywhere (that's superiority). No way we padlock and rantaikan to your belt or pants. It even eliminates mobilenya predicate. Some of the many services currently engaged in electronic tracking devices. So, if your device is lost, it will know where to position the device at this time. However, after we mengatahui where the device is automatically whether be ours? Hopefully, since this is not a low-cost trackers.

One way a little satisfied us and useful for the future is to figure out who the real thief. It became a proof also for the authorities to arrest the perpetrators of theft of mobile devices. Are there any mobile devices that can be like that? As has its own CCTV. let's take a look at his review below.

What made this application

With the integration of cameras and hardware location-based or GPS, you can identify who is using a cell phone, tablet, laptop without your permission. A thief will quickly grab your smartphone shopping, markets, roads and other crowded places. With a camera and a GPS we can track where sipencuri are, how the characteristics of the person and where exactly he is because if only GPS saka, it will not be as detailed as that. The application is then activated the webcam and take a picture of the thief with your device. This data can then send a message to your email or to a central site.

Did this work?

Yes it works. But we need to consider is the device must remain on when stolen, there is the Internet, and where thieves do not know if the camera is on or the application is running. If he knows, we could be in store soon in your pocket or cover it with a cloth or the like. We also need a strategy and data are enough to catch the thief. Do not be hasty!

iSpy For Windows

This application is very useful. With smart he was able to record the thief of your laptop. Webcam can be set to be active every time someone moves, and the best recording can be set to be automatically uploaded to YouTube, so you can instantly check. Recording can also be scheduled, you can set the recording time when at times you are away from the laptop.

It is not only used for laptop security, we can also use for one of your home security. Limitations yes, just in webcam camera alone. If the camera is good then your webcam didapt results also nice, if a mediocre result is far below the standard. Especially when we're talking video, might be the face of the perpetrator was not seen again. Please visit their website to download it for free here.

Prey: multi-platform application

Prey is a cross platform application that works the same as the previous application. Prey has a version of Windows, Ubuntu, Mac. For mobile iOS and Android versions available. This makes these applications more popular. This application has been widely discussed in magazines, websites and other media technologies. This application can collaborate with third-party hardware and running smoothly. And if you do not already have this application please download here.

HiddenEye for Android

Slightly different from the two previous applications, this application will enable the camera when there are people who enter the wrong password to your device. No matter that the thief or not, the application will start taking pictures of people and through the front camera. After that he will keep it to your phone memory. This application can be integrated with DropBox. Applications can be set so that the photos will be sent to your DropBox. So you need to check out DropBox if you want to see who the thief. Please download this application for free here.

So how to find pencrui laptop, tablet or smartphone. Hopefully can help you in improving security for mobile devices that you love. This is only a tips for you, the most important is, keep your device really. We certainly do not want to lose even more applications that can help us find it?
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