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How to check your Hard Disk Health and Speed

Minggu, 10 Februari 20130 komentar

In addition to the fan, the hard drive is the only device of modern computer that has moving parts in it. Although the hard disk type SSD (solid state drive) is increasingly popular, but many of us still and still use the old type that has a hard drive platters. Since the disc is rotating with a speed of 5400 RPM, 7200 RPM, or even faster for many hours, so it's good for you to check their health regularly.

Moreover, even if your hard drive is in good health, you also must consider speed. Because the speed of writing and reading files on a hard drive will directly affect the operating speed of your computer. Therefore, on this occasion will New Tech megulas 2 pieces of the application that you can use to check the health and speed of your hard drive. Here's his review.

For Checking Health: CrystalDiskInfo

The first application is a useful apikasi to check the health of your hard drive that is CrystalDiskInfo. CrystalDiskInfo application is a free application that is very popular for business hard since antiquity until the present time. These applications also continue to get updates from pegembangnya so always compatible with a wide range of the latest operating system.

With this application, you can view a range of information about your hard drive via the SMART interface self-monitoring. For example, we can see the information about how many days and how many hours of hard drive is used, and how many times you restart your computer using the hard disk since. Although the above information looks just like a trivia, but actually the above information you can use to figure out when you have the hard drive will die. Because each disk would have determined his death after the use of a period of time known as the MTBF (mean time before failure).

Other information presented by the application CrystalDiskInfo is a hard drive temperature. You can set this application to display the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale. Just like the case of MTBF, you can also use this temperature information to determine how well the performance of the hard drive you have. Most of the hard work normally at temperatures 0-60 degrees Celsius. Therefore, if your hard drive temperature exceeds this limit, it is likely that there are problems with your hard drive.

Besides the two above information, you can also see a variety of other information that are served by this application. But if you do not want to be too Dealing with a wide range of information, then you simply look at your hard drive health indicator shown at the top left of this application.

To Measure Speed: DiskBench

Once you know kesahatan your hard drive, then it is time to check the speed by using the application DiskBench. Unlike CrystalDiskInfo application that displays various buttons and indicators that are colorful, DiskBench application tab displays only 5 pieces were very simple. The five pieces that tab you can use to perform various tests on your hard drive, one of which is a batch file creation test that will measure the speed of your hard drive in write file.

One important thing to keep in mind when using DiskBench application is the ability to change the block size. This application provides a feature for you to change the block size when making a file. In fact, you can create a block this size to the size of gigabytes (GB). Therefore, you should really pay attention to when it will do a speed test. Because the error in the region setting can make your computer stuck until you have to do a hard boot.

Therefore, do not be confused between the file size and block size because two things are different. If you want a larger file size when you're done testing, then you have to add is the block number (Initial number of blocks and increase of Block). That way, you can immediately check the speed of the hard drive that is owned by you.
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