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How to change DNS Server on Android Device using setDNS App

Sabtu, 23 Februari 20130 komentar

Nowadays the Internet has become a need for many people. Moreover, the number of smartphones available today are increasingly facilitate your online activities. One of the widely used smartphone is Android smartphones. By using Android smartphone, your online activities will be very pleasant and easy. However, sometimes this can turn into a hassle when you find a site was very slow to open.

This event can be caused by many things, one of them due to the slow DNS server of the ISP you use. Solutions that you can do to overcome this problem is to use a free DNS service, such as open DNS or Google Local DNS. Both types of DNS servers can certainly faster, reliable and secure when compared with the DNS server from your ISP.

Although the current Android devices are still not equipped with the option to change the DNS server when the device is in 3G or 4G network, you can still do so by using rooted Android. In addition, you can also install applications setDNS that you can get for free through Google Play Store.

Here is how to change the DNS server on your Android device using setDNS app:
1. First off all download setDNS application from Google Play Store ----https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=uk.co.mytechie.setDNS----- and install on your Android device. The first time you open the application, the screen will display a SuperSu / SuperUser asking rooting access. To be able to change the DNS servers on your device using this application when you connect to the mobile network, you will need root access. If you use this application without root access, then this application will only change the DNS server on your device when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

2. The next step is to choose an alternative DNS service that you want. SetDNS app will take Google DNS address as the default. This you can do by pressing the "Apply" button. In addition, you can choose the "custom option" from the action bar to be able to use a custom DNS server.

3. For the record, you can only use setDNS app for free for 24 hours. After that you will be required to purchase and use the paid version of this app for $1.99. Other applications you can use to change the DNS server on your Android device is DNS Changer that you can also get for free through Google Play Store -----https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.eddypcz.dnschanger----.
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