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How to Change Display Add-On Website With Mozilla Greasmonkey

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

Mozilla's web browser is much Fireforx provide a wide range of add-on which has the purpose of each. From some of the add-on Mozilla, DownloadHelper is one of the most widely used because there are features to download the easy way. And in this article, Paseban gives tips on how to change the look of the website through an add-on Mozilla named Greasmonkey. Add-on was first released on March 28, 2005, although the project process is already done since 28 November 2004.

You need to know Greasmonkey can work using javascript and the add-on is similar to Greasmonkey Stylish, one other mozilla addon. Changes made to web pages done each time the page is displayed, it makes an effective and permanent changes to the user to run the script. For those of you who do not know, the script is a programming language that provides translation facilities, accompanied by compiling the code in a series of integrative processes are carried out. With the script will allow the code generated can be directly executed as a dynamic program.

The main functions of the Greasmonkey of which is can be used to change the appearance of a web page, adding new functionality to a web page, for example, you can do the extra price comparison shopping site online, fixing rendering bugs, combining data from several web pages, as well as for other purposes. So, it could be said Greasmonkey is an add-on Mozilla a versatile, yet uncomplicated use.

Script on the add-on Greasmonkey allows users to write in JavaScript to change the contents of a web page USING Document Object Model interface. In writing the code is generally written for improved page-specific and domain-specific. This applies to all pages within a domain. In addition, the site provided a database of userscripts.org script Greasmonkey, and for each of which contains a list of URLs from various web pages related to the script. Add-on Greasmonkey Users can also write or instant download various script and save it to memory storage.

Unfortunately, many users Greasmonkey not know that there are many scripts that can be found at userscripts.org. so, most Greasmonkey script written by the users with specific Javascript code to change the appearance and content of a web. Until now I have a lot of books, E-book or tutorial that circulate freely about how to create a script and to empower Greasmonkey specifically. At least, there is only one book which was launched by CyberCiti.biz, the "Dive Into Greasmonkey" (dive Greasmonkey) was simply discussing about add-on Greasmonkey, such as how to use, how to empower as well as how to write a variety of scripts on the add-on Greasmonkey own.

For users of Mozilla Fireforx, can get the add-on Greasmonkey please click here to install it.

The version available is 1.7.1 designed by Anthony Lieuallen, Aaron Boodman and Johan Soundstrom. Downloading and installation process does not take a long time, such as the installation of add-on DownloadHelper. Add-on Greasmonkey now be downloaded by as many as 2 million more users Mozilla. On his official website, requires no writing on the necessary, because this is just an add-on to the small size and can be installed in various operating systems.

In addition, you might as well install scripts on userscripts, and then make sure the script runs fine.

Greasmonkey normally used to create new emoticon social network Facebook, Facebook Fixer create profile pictures and photos menjad bigger, to add a variety of color schemes, replacing Facebook favorites-icon and others. Unfortunately, at this time add-on Greasmonkey also widely abused by its users, one of the popular one is to perform like Auto news updates on Facebook (AutoLike Bomb). This is a trick that your account will be automatically perform like (like) Facebook status on others, can even apply for automatically like (love) comments. For other Facebook users, something like this would be very annoying and nosy said because of such notification received.
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