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How to Boost Confidence with Self-Esteem Aid Applications Blackboard Android

Rabu, 13 Februari 20130 komentar

All people must have confidence, although the power of self-confidence for every individual is different. Self-confidence can also be an overall view of the individual about himself, or it could also be said that self-confidence (self-esteem) is an individual assessment of the honor, through his attitude towards himself that are implicit and not verbalisasi and describe the extent to which individuals are considered himself as people who have less ability, meaning for themselves and others, valuable to their lives and the lives of others, and competent.

A person who has low self-esteem will usually feel often fail to achieve what he wanted. The impact individual will often self-critical, often experience reduced productivity, sometimes also doing destructive things directed at others and himself, has a feeling of inadequacy, irritability and often withdraw in social life.

Well, there is one way of increasing the confidence of effective and instantly you can apply for free. Again, the Android answer, by developer Excel at life make Android apps that aim to guide you increase your confidence. The application is called Self-Esteem Blackboard. Self-Esteem Blackboard application is designed specifically with the discourses and articles that contain tips for your confidence. These reviews Paseban:


If you have a variety of symptoms as mentioned above, and can negatively affect the lives of you as to your relationship, to work, and most of the activities of your life you should immediately try to heal and reduce it so that you can run your life better.

Therapy with a psychologist or psychiatrist may indeed be one solution, but you alone were able to heal yourself because basically humans have the ability to healthy psychological and physical respectively. Android Application Self-Esteem Blackboard is one solution that you can use for individual therapy to improve or restore our confidence / self esteem.

When using this you feel some of these properties for you, such as:

Increasing your responsibility.
You become more spacious and are willing to accept the responsibilities charged to you. When undergoing these responsibilities you did not feel restless, anxious, and worried. You live in a positive and optimistic.

Commitment to your goals.
You become more focused with what you want to accomplish and more serious and optimistic in living. In addition you are always consistent with your efforts to achieve despite the obstacles as you fight.

You seriously in doing what you believe because you are more positive and believe in yourself that you are able to do and realize your dreams

You will be easier to forgive others, including yourself. You will be more receptive if you do not get the success you want to achieve, due to the forgiving and accept all the goings on in your life will be better able to get up and meresiliensi confidence

Internal values.
You will find the positive values ​​that apparently you have after your confidence back. With you realize that your self worth, it will also positively affect the values ​​of your external

You will be more positive way of looking at things.

The development of positive values ​​in you will increase also everything inside of you including your personality.

Features and Content

Some features of this application is attractive contain content which includes:

The article discusses about self-esteem and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

Psycho about your self-concept

Make self-talk to increase self-confidence / self-esteem on a whiteboard / blackboard.

Reviewing what you write on the board

There Self-Esteem Audio Assistance to review and revise the self-talk that is based on past events

There Self-Esteem Blackboard Audio for visualizing changes in self-talk

There is an audio and music relaxation


Self-Esteem Blackboard application is still launched with version 2.2. You can install it for free in the Android Market. Memory required to install this app on your Android tablet or phone is of 1.9 M. Android version of the application that can be paired Self-Esteem Blackboard is Android version 1.6 or newer on it. can be downloaded here.
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