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How To Backup Contact Android In Gmail Account Easily

Rabu, 13 Februari 20130 komentar

Everything necessary for backup. This is done in order to anticipate the things that are not desirable. If the item is not worth it no problem. However, it would be a problem if something is worth. One that includes valuable is the mobile phone. In relationships with business associates, friendships do need a cell phone to keep in touch. Thus it is necessary in the case, especially contacts in it. With a contact phone number or set of relationships will continue to be intertwined.

Once the importance of the need for a backup contact. By doing things like that then existing contacts on your phone will be safe. Thus, if at any time you lose your phone, the contact is in it can still be restored. As for mobile phones that can be done only with the Android operating system. For backup, you also need a place that will not be stolen if only by others. One of the places where you can make a backup is a Gmail account. This account is an email account storage from Google. Because Google has included the number one website it will most likely contact you stored in it will be safe. For direct action, here's how to backup Android contacts on Gmail account.

Opening Menu Import or export

The first thing you need to do is certainly at the start of the Android phone itself. The trick is you open the menu. Then, you go to the contact section. On the menu you are looking menu with writing the import / export. Although there are two options, but you still use one of these options. In this process, the shape you send something to another device. So, although there are two choices, choose the things you need is an export.

Process export Contacts

When you've opened the menu export / import then there are several options. Among them are imported from the SD card menu, export to SD card, SIM card imports, and exports to the SIM card. As said above, this process is exporting. So from the four choices we might use is export to the SIM card and export to SD card. Of the two options, select the device you need is a SIM card ekport. Once you choose the export to the SD card then wait until the process is complete. By doing this, then all the existing contacts on this phone will be entirely stored on the SD card. For MicroSD type, adjust to your mobile phone. Generally, these android phones only support for MicroSD.

Deleting Contacts

Once the process is complete export to the SD card, the next step you have to do is delete the contact. Removal process is done only on your Android phone. While the existing contacts on the SD card is left alone. To facilitate the process of elimination, you first remove the SD card from the phone. After that, you delete the existing contacts on the phone. When you're finished, you insert the SD card into the phone earlier. The process of elimination was done in order to avoid double contact on the phone.

Importing Contacts

after the SD card is already present in the phone then do the import process is. To do this you enter from the start and select menu. In the options, you select import / export. If ever, you choose export, but this time select the option that is imported from the MicroSD.

Entering contacts into Gmail.

This process is the essence of how to backup your android phone contacts to your Gmail account. So, after the import process, you will be sent the command "send contacts to". In the option, you select your Gmail account. For those of you who do not have have a Gmail account, just made. The manufacturing process was free and can be done at www.gmail.com. After that, you select import vCard and wait until the process is complete. Thus, the process of importing it directly from the SD card. To check, you can log into Gmail and select the contact. In that column, all your contacts will be saved. That New Tech article on how to backup android phone contacts to your Gmail account. Hopefully useful.
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