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How many Watt Computer Power Supplies?

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We all know if the computer needs electricity to support all kinds of activities. But do you know how much power it takes for your computer? Apparently not. Unlike various other household electronic appliances which usually include how many watts of power is needed, most computers do not include it. Perhaps it is only natural considering the power needed by a computer will vary depending on what is being done by computer. To know more details, let us discuss one by one the computer power requirements based on its type.

Desktop PC

As you probably imagine, a desktop PC power needs are so much more than a laptop or other computer types. it feels very appropriate considering a desktop computer consists of various components that require great strength.

If calculated, it is a computer that has an Intel dual-core and some other common components will take as much as 50 watts of power when not in use (idle) and around 100 watts when you are using. PC with processor type long it will take less power. In addition, AMD also will take a little more power than the processor made by Intel.

Components that typically takes the most power is the graphics card (video card). Usually a graphics card will add as much computer power consumption by 10-30 watts when idle, and will increase the consumption of up to 50-250 watts while in use.

When compared with other household devices, a computer can still be called a power-efficient. The reason, some electronic equipment such as irons, hair dryers, and washing machines can spend up to 2000 watts of electrical energy.


A laptop will certainly take less energy than desktops. The processor and video card are contained in a laptop typically takes much less energy than desktop laptop power adapter considering the magnitude usually no more than 130 watts. Obviously, a netbook or ultrabook will take a much smaller force than usual laptop.

When idle, a netbook and ultrabook usually only spend about 20 watts of power, while a gaming laptop will only consume about 40-50 watts. Electric power consumed is probably the day will decrease given the processor and video card in the new more efficient in the use of power resources.


Now, let us try to calculate energy use by a computer in a variety of circumstances. If you're using a laptop-sized 15.6 "with an Intel processor today, then your laptop will take the energy of about 20 to 40 watts when idle and no more than 65 watts while in use. Meanwhile, to see the power consumption while charging the battery, then just look at the information contained on your laptop adapter.

If you are using an external monitor with your laptop, then it will add about 25 watts. But it does not apply if you use a monitor larger than 24 "because the monitor will take electrical energy from the start of 50 watts to 100 watts.

Furthermore, a desktop computer would take energy depends on the hardware used. A desktop with dual-core processors plus basic integrated graphics card will take about 50 watts when idle and 125 watts while in use. If the computer is plus middle class graphics card like the Radeon HD 7750 the consumption to 75 watts at idle and 200 watts when in use. Meanwhile, if the computer has a graphics card such as the GTX 680 class, then consumption is 100 watts when idle, and 350 or more watts when in use.

With such estimates, then you can determine what computers are suitable for use in your home so as not to burden the cost of electricity your home and also as a form of saving energy and go green
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