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How Custom ROM Android Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 With Sonic Ultimate V3

Rabu, 13 Februari 20130 komentar

Various things done by all Android users, especially Galaxy Y GT-S5360. One of the advantages in this costum is processesor performance will be faster. With the growing hardness prossesor it will be more beneficial to you as a user. One costum ROM that can be used on the Sonic Ultimate v3. choice these applications are not without cause but already there are excellent features in it.

The features that embed in it is pretty much new kernel, fast boot. Fast boot is useful to speed up the entry to the main screen after the restart. Various other features are also embedded, such as fast performance, new UI, based icons from CM7 steel blue, based dxle and also a variety of other advanced features. The essence of all the various features are pinned on this application is accelerating prosessesor performance in everything from the time in turn to the operation in it. For more details, here's how to custom Android ROM Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 more.

Download Software

As said above, you use the app Ultimate Sonic V3. Therefore, the application also needs to be downloaded. Once downloaded, the application you install on Galaxy Y GT-S5360. To do this, the application can not work alone. Thus, it takes other apps are ICS Black and GT-S5360 + CWM-ModVer. Latter application is usually done for Recovery.

Saving Software

After downloading a variety of software and applications, you need to store it in a safe place. For more safe, you can save it in a variety of applications MicroSD cards only. So, on the card, you create a new folder to save the file specific application. This is done to make it easier when you are going to install the application.

Deadly Mobile

To run it, you need to turn off the phone in advance to be in costum ROM. To turn it off, you need to press Power + Volume (UP) + Home. Emphasis on the key needs to be done together. Then, you select Apply update from SD card. After selection, you select an application GT-S5360 + CWM-ModVer. Then, you wait a while and the phone would reboot itself.

rebot Mobile

After initially at reboot, the phone will come back to life. At that moment, you reboot the phone again by pressing Power + Volume (UP) + Home. There will be a variety of options in it. Things you need to select Wipe Data Factor is Reset. After selecting these options, you select Wipe Cache Partition.

Installing Ultimate Sonic V3

In the install, there are several ways that you need to do. On your phone menu select Install Zip From SD Card. On the various options available, you select Choose Zip From SD Card. Then, you select the software Sonic Ultimate v3. The installation process is done in software and stored on the SD card. After doing the above installation process, you need to wait until the process is complete. The thing to note is that you should never merebot phone when the installation.

CMW Recovery Settings

In this case, the application needs to be done is setting on the GT-S5360 + application-ModVer CWM. Settings can be done your way into the application. Then, you select the Advance. Then, you do the Reboot Recovery. To do that, you can do so by selecting Wipe Factor Data Reset. Then, select Wipe Cache Partition. When the process is complete, reboot your phone again.

Once reboot the phone will come back to life. On start up, the Android logo will appear. At that point, you need to turn off the phone immediately. So you should immediately turn off the phone when I saw the Android logo appears after reboot.

Installing Applications ICS Black Version

The installation process is the final step of the way custom ROM Galaxy Y GT-S5360. To install it was fairly easy and the same as the previous application installation process. To do so, you select Install Zip From SD Card. Then, you select Choose Zip From SD Card. In the options, you select an application ICS Black Version. Await the final stages of the installation process to complete and reboot the phone. That is the way how custom ROM Galaxy Y GT-S5360. Hopefully this article can New Tech beneficial to you.
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