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History 10 Term And The Famous IT Company Name

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

Ever crossed your mind from whence the name of technology 'Bluetooth' come from? Or why there are companies who called himself 'Apple'? In addition to these two names may still be many terms and other famous IT companies that have pretty strange names like Adobe, Google, Yahoo, and others.
Therefore in this article New Tech will review the history of some of the names and terms of IT companies in the IT world that is often encountered in everyday life. You may also be surprised to learn that these names came from something that had nothing to do at all.
The first company to be discussed is Adobe. Apparently, the IT company takes its name from the name of the river Adobe in California called Adobe Creek. The river itself flows behind the house of founder John Warnock of Adobe is.
Apache Software Foundation
This company is a non-profit corporation that supports Apache software projects. The company's name is started when the developers make a patch file to improve the performance of their web server first. The server is then dubbed as "a patchy server" which later became the Apache.
Apple Computers
There are many myths surrounding the iPhone is the founder of the company name, but all these myths are rooted in the name of Steve Jobs. A lot of rumors saying if apple is Jobs favorite fruit. There is also a saying that Jobs always go to an apple orchard when he was happy. Whatever its origin, the clear Steve Jobs was the one who suggested the name Apple to be the company name. At that time the Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak also agreed that this name because there is no other name that's better than that.
Bluetooth is a technology that is quite popular in the mobile world. It is very difficult indeed to know the origin of this name if you are not one who likes history. Because the name is inspired from the name of the king of Denmark and Norway in the 10th century, namely Harald Blatand. At that time, Blatand managed to unite the entire kingdom is in Denmark. Because it is also the name of Blatand then translated into Bluetooth that works to unify a wide range of different devices with the same technology.
Boot is a process of loading the operating system on the computer. The term boot is inspired by an English idiom that says to pull oneself up by one's bootstraps. These terms describe a person's attempt to achieve success without the help of others.
Due to the popularity of this one company, then maybe most people already know the origin of his name. Initially, the company will be named "Googol" number is a number that is very much with the numbers 1 and 0 in tow hundred. Googol name later became the name of Google's own Google because no one has registered it on the internet.
In the beginning, spam was not a term for junk email as spam in the 70s is a brand of canned food that can be eaten cold or hot. Afterwards, spam appearing on the Internet using the brand name as a joke.
TWAIN is a standard for connecting two different imaging devices, such as scanners and digital cameras, to a variety of desktop applications. TWAIN name itself has nothing to do with one of the famous writer Mark Twain, because the name is taken from the word English in the Middle Ages which means two pieces or two pieces.
One of the Linux operating system based on Debian's famous take on the name of a unique philosophy. The term is taken from the Bantu languages ​​of the region of South Africa has a sense of freedom and openness for everyone.
Yahoo is a fictional character in the novel contained work Gulliver's Travels Jonathan Swift. Yahoo portrayed in the novel as a primitive creature that is not civilized. Apparently, the term is used by the girlfriends Yahoo co-founder David Filo company to call itself. Finally, the term is also used as the name of the company he founded.
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