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Here's How Remote PC Via Smartphone Easily

Jumat, 08 Februari 20130 komentar

Here's How Remote PC Via Smartphone Easily - The more sophisticated the technology the easier it is to do everything faster. One example is the controlling PC. By leveraging existing technology, the PC can be controlled by other devices. One device is the mobile phone. Using this phone, the PC can be controlled easily. However, there is only limited control of the mouse and the best are able to type on the phone.

How to remote PC via a smartphone in the poorer still lacking. Thus, there was an alternative to control the PC better. Devices chosen to do this is a smartphone. Using this tool you can control the other PC better. So not only SMS and typing in the phone but can see files on the PC, the PC displays on smartphones. In fact, you can also control many applications on the PC with a smartphone. Here's how to control your PC via a smartphone more.

To do this there are a few things you need to know first. Among them is the use of smartphones. For the type of use is minimal smartphones using the Android operating system version 2.1 and above. So, smarpthone used ranging from Ginderbread to Jelly Bean. In addition, you must ensure that you have a network smarpthone Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Make sure the two things are in a state of Active.

Not only in terms of smartphone alone but also from the PC. So, the PC that you use should also use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks. Therefore, the range of control is to use both of these features. Smartphone without a PC that has a Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will not be able to run this control. If you are using then you need a WLAN Hotspot network. In addition, you should also make sure your PC and smartphone to be used must also be connecting on the network.

The last thing you should do is to download these applications. Because the use of two devices, namely PCs and smartphones then there must be two apps are downloaded. To download an application on a smartphone, you can download Ovi Store by typing in the search TochRemote on the official website. As for the application on the PC, you can download it here. On the site there is a free version of the application, and some are paid. If you want to be more satisfied with the existing features then you need to use paid. To find them, you have to spend as much as $ 8. The payment did not use bank transfer but uses a payment via Paypal and credit cards.

The first thing to do is download the application to your PC first. After you download it then do the installation on the PC. After that, you can perform a variety of settings. To see the Bluetooth and WLAN networks, you can see it in the Adapter. There you can see the address of Bluetooth and WLAN networks around them.

Once the application is complete on a PC then you need to also download applications for mobile phones. This application can also get for free. Once completed then you install the apliksi. To run the application, you can choose Lauch. Next, you need to select the connection to be run. In this case, your URLs choose WLAN. Then on the available options you select Scan Local Network. Then, the command is there, you just select Yes and Ok. After that, the smartphone and the PC is connected.

To do so, you can log in to the system. Then select File. This is done to access files on your PC with this smartphone. In this case, you can open, copy the files on the PC. To be mouse, you can move it to the right. Precisely, in the direction that the mouse is on smartphones. Meanwhile, to see the desktop, you can do so by shifting to the right. From that page you can see the Desktop tab. On this page, you can control the desktop of the PC completely. If you are directed to the right again then you can see the Power tab. As Shutdown, Hibernate, Sleep. That article New Tech on how to control the PC via smartphone.
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