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Guns 4 Hire - Games on Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 RT with an Action Game in depth

Minggu, 17 Februari 20130 komentar

Guns 4 Hire is a game that landed the latest Windows Phone app store some time ago and this is a good game for you if you are fond of the game revolved around war and against evil dictators, warlords, and terrorists in every mission.

Games Windows Phone has a pattern of the game a bit like Tower Defense. Rather than develop a mission to defend against enemy attacks Tower, in this game you will only control the squad of four soldiers, each with unique skills, who will fight to block the enemy. This game has very nice graphics, and also of course very challenging and with 18 missions and some of the objects that you must face.

This game is based on a war scenario, somewhere in the streets of the city controlled by the rebels and criminal authorities. And as a team, your role is to lead a team of LT, Faraday, Burns and Boomer to complete your mission to take the money. This game puts you in the middle of what player battlefield, where you have to compete strategy and outsmart enemies so your team win this battle. You as a player can choose to go defensive or can get out in an offensive way with very irregular. But you have to be careful, that your enemy is not just a bunch holligan throwing knives and stones, but including a flame thrower, gunslinger, and even suicide bombings aimed right leads to your team to stop the mission and goals you and your team.

With this game, your players will gain experience in the battlefield with 17 missions to unlock the three locations. But it's not as easy as it sounds, because the game will throw new challenges at every mission. Each time you complete a mission difficult, or more difficult, then you will get more money that you can use to upgrade the players and their armor.

At each site, will consist of criminals in search of the most spread across the mission and level of difficulty. If you managed to exterminate them all, then you will immediately be faced with the big boss of the forces, or on the contrary, you are going to get killed in this game.

The storyline of this game is very simple, but draw attention to the actions of the movement uli fundamental mission. You will only fight the way on foot, but it also has its limitations. Players will shoot a rifle, flame thrower, heavy machine guns and rocket launchers. And each weapon has their weaknesses. So you have to be careful in buying weapons in this game, you are the one who determines the strategy has the right to win or not.

Control of the game is simple, you simply touch the area of ​​your screen to control your team and shoot the enemies there. You can move independently or collectively crew. Along the left side of the screen, there are controls to heal your crew with Health package that you can buy or you get all your mission, and you also can find the control to use the control buttons to play the bonus weapon you find, such as grenades, land mines, and automatic turret machine guns.

You can continue your game even though one of the teams you fall, but obviously, if all the teams that you have fallen, then your mission is declared failed. You just need to buy more health packs to heal their dying moments.

The overall quality of the game is superb, starting from the audio to the graphic that deserves to be praised. With this, Gameloft has created a game with a full console gaming experience in Windows Phone 8 devices and tablets.
To get this game, you can go directly to:
Windows Phone 8 or to Windows 8 RT.
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