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Gravity Guy - Game Smartphone Can Be Against the Law of Gravity Earth

Senin, 04 Februari 20130 komentar

Never imagine that we can fight the law of gravity? Newton's law of induced 300tahun ago, is still used today. It definitely feels very nice when we can fly and fight the law of gravity. Well in this game, we could feel it was against the law of gravity.

Game made by miniclip.com has a quite unique game character. Although the actual game in Gravity Guy looks similar to the Monsters Inc.. Run, Temple Run, or by Mega Run Redford Adventures, but this game has advantages both in terms of existing features or scenario that is given even in the iOS version of the iPhone game has advantages in multi player mode which became a fan favorite Gravity Guy.


We will play in a world where gravity laws have been passed. A world where we can fly, from one place to another. And we will play as a brave man who would become a hero or heroine. And for this, we will fight the law, the law of gravity. And for that, it will run away, because we are not happy to be in this world. And it became the first man in the fight against this law. And we will stick to the wall so we did not fall drift. He fought because he was not like the way - a way that is in this world.


Systems on Gameplay is quite easy, we just push on your Smartphone or tablet tap us that gravity guy, we change. While the gravity guy will automatically run. Do not forget we have to hurry because we will also be in the chase - pursued by the soldiers.
In this game we will be enjoined to continue to stick to the existing wall. And for the move, we simply tap on the screen or pressing the keyboard spaci us because in addition to available version of Gravity Guy iPhone, Windows Phone or Android Smartphone also available in the PC version which can be played online from his website.

To finish this game we have to go through 30 levels, and 3 world, this world has a different one - one so do not say first that this game is easy before the finish.

In addition to the version available in Single Player, you can also play with friends, in the Multi Player mode. In the iOS version of the Iphone, we play simultaneously using the multiplayer version up to 4 people. So we can play with a friend - our friend.


Graphics used on gravity guy, shaped 2D animation. This makes us able to enjoy this game very well. Because the smooth appearance presented by this game. To date in the latest version of Gravity guy, Gravity guy using a framerate of 60 fps, so we do not have to worry about the comfort that appear in this game.

Until now, this rating in the Android Market reached 4.1 and have downloaded up to 1000 times more. And 640-an penggunduh give 5 stars, the game's Gravity Guy. So it does not hurt to try this game, if you are interested please visit the website and download it in the Android Market for Android users, Windows Phone on Windows Phone Store, and for iPhone users can get it at the App Store.
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