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Gorilla Workout - Exercise Equipment Sports Application of Existing Android

Selasa, 19 Februari 20130 komentar

Initially the application of this sport first popularized by Apple for the iPhone and iPad, but now the app Gorilla Workout already be installed on Android phones. This is good news for Android users because the application is sufficiently loved sports game previously by iPhone users, and now your Android mobile phone users had been able to enjoy it.

Gorilla Workout Application is an application designed to entertain your psychic with a funny and exciting game of the big Gorilla figures, but the physical aspect was also considered because the concept of this game is intended to motivate you to want to work and are especially for those who have overweight and want to find a fun alternative but to make a healthy and slim, this application could be one way out.

Benefits of useful apps Gorilla Workout most important for weight loss, such as adding another benefit is the fitness and energy, build muscle, and of course the psychological make positive you are able to work with because of the impact of fitness as you can in this app Gorilla Workout.

Features available in this application

    This application has more than forty motion exercises to lose weight. Among them is the movement of push-ups, squats, and burpees. These movements made by the Gorilla and you can follow it, you will find it fun because the instructor is the Gorilla himself. Exercise and movement as instructed by Gorilla is designed so that all the muscles in the body maksimak you can work as a whole, so that the strength and muscle gains will be easily achieved in muscles such as the arms, abdomen, chest, back, and legs. Gorilla Workout is not only about strength and size though. Each workout will vastly improve attributes like agility, vertical leap, and cardio endurance.

    Whatever your weight, Gorilla Workout app is able to help you lose weight. There are four types of exercises ranging from mild to severe exercises, depending on your needs.

    Video demonstrated by the Gorilla so real and alive, you will feel a sense of fun, funny, and entertained with video instructions because you will really feel the instructor trained by Gorilla. Besides the obvious video in terms of graphics and image quality, in the video there are also instructions are very detailed and easy to apply in every challenge your sport shown Gorilla Workout app. Instructions movements shown in the video is very effective and efficient for your body because every instruction movement will have an impact on fitness and slimness every point of your body, from the top, bottom, and a core part of your body. Instructions sports movement in applications Gorilla Workout is also very beneficial for the heart and your cardio endurance.

    You can menshare information from apps Gorilla Workout or menshare about how your results from your activities using Gorilla Workout to social networks like Facebook and Twitter because the application has features that relate to social networking.

The concepts in this application are as follows

There are four levels with different challenges each, one of which push up the challenge as follows:

    Level 1: 0-10 Push Ups.

    Level 2: 10-35 Push Ups.

    Level 3: 35-75 Push Ups.

    Level 4: 75 + Push-ups.

    And so on ...

Level after level shown in the app Gorilla Workout is useful for beginners in your exercises and lose weight. Because if you do not pass the first level then you should not continue to move on the next level, it is solely a physical so you will not be surprised in the motion that it can have an impact on the things that are not desirable such as cramps, and so on. Normally you can make a move for 10-20 minutes each workout to get maximum results.


Gorilla Workout app you can install on your Android phone with version 2.3 and the latest version on it. Currently applications are still paid Gorilla Workout is to pay as little as $ 0.99 for a single installation. You must provide a memory of 19 M and you can download in the Android store below.
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