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Google Wireless Network Experiment Almost Perfect

Minggu, 10 Februari 20130 komentar

Google tries to make an attempt on Google's wireless network covers Mountain View, California Headquarters. A move which some analysts to predict the creation of Google Google Wireless networks are tight and very fast at other locations. Google's action will be enjoyed by many people from different locations can be connected directly to the Internet with mobile devices.

First of all, the fact of the issue is I submit a letter of application to the Federal Communications Commission of the United States who apply for a permit experimental radio service creation experiments. "Experimental radio service" Google it covers Google's headquarters and the surrounding area as far as two miles.

However, small-scale Google Wireless network will use the frequencies where the frequency is hardly would suit mobile devices owned by consumers today. As Apple products are iPad and iPhone or equipment powered by Google's Android operating system will not be compatible with Google's facilities. This network will only provide coverage for equipment that is designed to access a specific frequency, from 2524 to 2625 megahertz.

Frequencies, which can work well in populations with a high population density. These frequencies can be important in the future in countries like Brazil, China, and Japan. In these countries mobile equipment operators have been made to support that frequency. This means that mobile devices that support these frequencies will dimanufakturisasi mass in the near future. This information was given by Walter Puecyk, an analyst with industry research firm BTIG nirkable from.

Google spokesman on Wednesday declined to comment on the purpose of application of Google. Rejection whistle is based on experiments on the regulation of new things.

Many of the Google applications that secret, but it is seen from the network installation this trial will be conducted in a special building on the campus of Google. This building is the houses of the Google Fiber team where part of Google whice Access Unit has introduced internet connecting and high-speed video in Kansas City, Kansas and other cities in the future.

Google Access also provides free Wi-Fi services to the City of New York in the Chelsea area and I also continue to provide free Wi-Fi services to the city of Mountain View.

According to the application, which was noticed by wireless engineer Steven Crowley, Google says that the frequency is controlled by Clearwire nirkable Crop. Clearwire is a provider.Hal wirelessskala this means the frequency is part of the so-called "unlicensed spectrum" and more reliable than Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi itself is not licensed, which means it can be used by anyone.

Currently, Google does not have control of the licensed spectrum. Crowley said that the only reason to use these frequencies is if a person or company has a design business related mobile services.

It is still ambiguous whether Google would build such a service for the internal use of the company or as a service offers considerable potential for the market. But until now, mobile devices are on the market and is used so rarely that consumers can reach this frequency.

On Wednesday Clearwire declined to give a statement that his company is working with Google on an experimental stage. Companies that work with Clearwire in terms of technology, it is usually very limited in the use of the service will be provided Clearwire

Piecyk, BTIG engineer said that Google can network experiment that it planned to introduce Google Wireless technology to users of Google services and the general market for Google Fiber products. In other words, Kansas city dwellers who use high-speed Internet service will be able to receive Google Wireless anywhere in the city points to tablet and other suitable equipment to the network. Google can also build their own hardware Motorolla who works at a frequency controlled by Clearwire.

It will be an expansion of the current business model developed by the cable companies like Time Warner Cable Inc. The company provides services in the installation of the points Wi-Fi in cities that have worked with them and offer free wireless access to customers.

Creation of Google for Google Wireless network on a small scale has actually been planned years ago when discussing with Dish, satellite-TV provider, to become a partner in a large scale Wireless Google services
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