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Gmelius - Mozilla Firefox Extension that Helps You Access Gmail

Senin, 18 Februari 20130 komentar

Gmelius is a Firefox browser extension that offers Gmail a cleaner and better. This makes Gmail a lighter to open. This Firefox extension has the main objective that is to return to the facility only as a Gmail email readers only. Firefox extension for Gmail is very suitable for slow connections.

Mozilla firefox extension has a facility that focuses on eliminating interference Google ads in Gmail inbox. It should be marked that Gmelius can not Gmail filter system and scans that allow Google to match the words contained in the email and then provide advertisements when you surf the internet.

Besides eliminating trinkets Google ads on Gmail, Gmail Gmelius also minimize appearance. In the Firefox extension for Gmail, you can hide the Google logo and search field email. Google logo concealment that only serves as the return to the inbox page is a good decision. This is because not many people who know and have less utility because many of the similar and more pronounced for referring to your inbox. Of course, both the original facility Gmail can be shown again by clicking the Search button in the row + Share your Google account.

Friends widget display sometimes display less important to be omitted from tempilan in your Gmail inbox. You do not need to know who your friends circle, entry in which the community. For Gmail users who are annoyed with the facilities given widget google, Gmelius can eliminate this interference. With this facility, you can read the email of your friends with a reading greater than ever.

Often Gmail like navigation buttons back button, archive report spam, delete, etc. are not shown the information and all the same color. This extension gives a little easy to distinguish the buttons above. Not only can you display the text below the buttons, but you can also give color and a unique look.

Mark a message as you normally only have an important message sign of the yellow marker next to the message in the Gmail inbox. Firefox extension for Gmail provides a marker that makes your eyes more easily designates an important message by adding dimmed on the line you marked important message earlier.

For those of you who do not like the message display variations, Firefox extension for Gmail is the right choice. The messages have the format of text and uniform color-color can be a font, a color, and a format that suits your theme in Gmail.

In your Gmail inbox, marked with a paper clip attachment. Firefox extension for Gmail is to provide convenience to visualize what file types you attach. Facilities are interesting enough to suit the sender and receiver file. More than 40 types of files can be identified by Gmelius and icons are displayed according to the file extension owned.

In Gmail, the label is placed on the left of the subject of the email. This resulted in the contents of the email can not be seen clearly. Firefox extension for Gmail makes it easy to see at a glance the contents of incoming email.

In addition to reposition the label, Gmelius also can reposition the attachment icon. Usually in Gmail, the attachment icon located to the right. Firefox extension for Gmail attachment icons can be moved from the right towards the left. This facility makes it easy for readers who are used to read and write from the left as we do.

Gmail native facilities that sometimes we do not need to be shown ultimately to be disabled. In addition to making Gmail function that serves only as a reader and sender of the email, it turns out Firefox extension for Gmail also makes Gmail storage capacity becomes more. Firefox extensions you can download it for free. For those of you who generously to the developer of this extension you can donate a little money that is surplus to the development of this extension can be accessed on the website of the developer. Extensionnya you can download here.
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