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Four Ways to Apply Women's Top Romance Through Internet

Selasa, 19 Februari 20130 komentar

One of the most exciting in the life of a man is applying for a woman who loved to get married. Well, if you're trying to find creative ways to do so, at this time New Tech will give you some advice that you can apply when applying for your loved one.

All tips will give New Tech is done through the internet. So it would be very suitable if you spouse is a woman who likes to surf. In addition, these tips below will also be useful for couples who are in a long distance relationship or popularly known as LDR (long distance relationship), either because they were on duty outside the city or are studying abroad.

If a few years ago doing an application via SMS or email is something unique, so now it tampakya outdated. Therefore, how to apply for a woman who will give New Tech will not use these things. Check out his review below.

Creating GPS Mission To Find Ring Fiance

This is the most creative and really take advantage of the latest technology available. If you are applying for a woman who wants to have a cell phone with GPS, then you can create a treasure map that had he sought. To add to the romantic atmosphere, you can give some clue to the location of the treasure. Various clues can you put in places that would remind your lover of the romantic atmosphere of the period of courtship before.

In the last place in the location alias treasures, you can get a photo of yourself holding a paper with the words "Will You Marry Me?" Or the other. If you want a more romantic again, you can get a DVD to be watched by your lover. As he watched it, then it will appear in the DVD video asking her to marry you.

Creating Special Website For Apply

Alternatively you can do is to create a website specifically for your application stating such. At the website you can put a big header saying "INTEREST, WILL YOU MARRY ME?" Or other words. You can also put a photo, poem, or other things that will make her heart melt.

If you have finished making the website, then you can directly send the website link via SMS, chat, or email. After that you can see how his reaction after reading the website.

Creating Photo Gallery

If creating a website was considered too difficult, then you can create a photo gallery. A lot of software that you can use to combine the photos you have, from Windows Movie Maker to other more sophisticated software. You can enter a variety of images that contain sweet memories that both of you have ever experienced. Then in the last photo, picture berisis put yourself kneeling while holding the engagement ring.

You can upload the gallery to the internet or can be directly put your beloved computer. but make sure you put the file in secret to be a surprise for your loved one when opening the file.

Make Youtube Videos

Unique way DAPT last to do is to make a Youtube video. Youtube appearance, many of the men who use it as a medium to apply or to express love with her hero. Although it has been widely used people, but still expressed through words Youtube application is something unique and interesting.

You can various video whatever you want. Whether it yourself video, slideshow of memorable photographs of the two of you, or other things that you can explore to make a video that is unique and has never been made by others. You can also add romantic music to create a very touching video.

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