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Cats is one of favorite pets are widely preferred because acting adorable. But what if you discovered that brave cats act like a superhero? These cats can be found in the Android game warrior cats following.

Battle Cats

Warrior cat game first came from game developers ponos with the Battle Cats game creation. Battle Cats in this game you will find cats unique unique physical form from round cats, cats who have long legs like the tentacles of a jellyfish to cats like wrestlers. You are given the freedom to choose your favorite type of cat with a cat knocking your choice. You must defeat the enemies there and attacked the palace where the enemy was the Fire Cat Cannon. Each level completed then you will get XP that can be used to upgrade the cat and the cat will be paid if the shape has reached level 10. In addition to defeating the enemy, you can also find a treasure trove of adventure Battle Cats of the world and find special cats are so cute. Download it here.

War Paint

Time you enter the world of royal typical Medieval era in which the characters in dalamya is the cat that is ready to fight. The game is called Cat War, a game developer work West River. Narrated in this game god of surge named Catphinx send sebuag letter of request. This letter contains the threat of immortal beings that threaten the Republic of Dog the Kingdom of Cats. In fact, because of this threat spirits of cats who have passed can not be in the surge and the kittens begin to disappear one by one. Your job here is to collect the cat warriors against Republic of the Dog and kitten freed from the grip of evil dogs. You have to build the barracks, garages and other units to be used to train warriors cats. One more thing to note is that you have to train to be able to collect Fishpoint Fishercats the main source of money in the Cat War. Use these strategies to set a combination of cat fighter unit, determine the exact timing of the attack and also combine spells god to get the best results. Download it here.

Cat War 2

Android Games Cat Cat War 2 is the sequel of the game from the developers of War Cat West River. Still tells the same story in which the Kingdom of Cats is invaded by the evil Republic of Dog. But the difference in the game if Catphinx Cat War, the gods sent a letter of request only alarm the Cat War 2, Catphinx will go straight to fight the evil dogs and rescue the kidnapped kitten. But this Catphinx actions drew outrage from the other gods because Catphinx not discuss his actions in advance with other gods. Setting aside the anger of the other gods, Catphinx come join fight against the invasion of the Republic of Dog became increasingly so as the war between the Kingdom of Cats and Republic of Dogs was inevitable. Download it here.

Archer Cat

Cats are known for very sharp eyesight and that is the inspiration of the Archer Cat game creations from the game developer Crave Mob. True to its name the cat in Cat Archer archery champion and this expertise is used by a rookie in the Cat Archer kingdom to save his kingdom from danger. Cat Archer game itself consists of two season. Season 1, entitled "An Amazing Secret of Feline Kingdom", tells the cat kingdom to face the dangers of a raging dragon. Raging dragon has made many lives a cat in Feline Kingdom Rati float even the life of the Feline Kingdom itself was included in it. Because of this king and his soldiers began an action revenge.

While in season 2, entitled "The Secret of the Cat Kingdom" is told there is a wicked witch sends a lot of the birds 'crazy' that is almost impossible to remove and where the role of the rookie Archer Cat is needed. The rookie will start his quest to annihilate the enemy and the dangers that existed until the hunter can win title as No. 1 in the kingdom Archer Cat. Download it here.
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