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Five New Android Game War the Mandatory Tested

Sabtu, 16 Februari 20130 komentar

Are you a fan of war games Android? This time Paseban like to share some Android games War genre highly recommended for you to test. Curious? Let's look at five war Android games list below!

Crazed Sniper

Android is a war game that was made by an unknown developer. The developers just write his name in the form of a label number "1688". He also did not give much information about him other than an email just a dilampirkannya on Google Plays. No one really knows who the developer is. However, if you look at his work, it seems he is not the usual developer. Crazed Sniper is one game that his work has received tremendous response from the mobile gamers. Through Android Market, it seems that this game has as many Android users downloaded more than 500 thousand gamers. With a rating he earned as much as 4 Stars from 453 reviewers. Broadly speaking, in this game the user will play as a sniper in charge of completing various missions that have been provided. To download it for free, please click here!


Released by developer named Sniper Forces. Final note this article was written, Sniper has been downloaded more than 5 million users from around the world. However, although the number of downloaders is large enough, do not know why he got the total rating is small. He was just awarded 3.2 Stars out of total 4528 reviewers. Even so, the Android war game is worth to try. Not unlike the Crazed Sniper, in this game the user will play the game as a sniper with a mission - a mission that has been given provided. If interested, you can download it for free Sniper game here.

Brothers In Arms ® 2

Who is not familiar with the Android war game created by developer Gameloft giant. As of this writing, Brothers In Arms ® 2 has been scored by 50 million downloads of mobile gamers around the world via Google Play. And awards that he can in the Android Market, namely rating 4.4 Stars out of total 67,580 reviewers. If you've played Call of Duty games, then you will not be familiar in playing this game. Intrigued by the game Brothers In Arms ® 2? Then just download the game here!

Contract Killer

Released by game developer named Glu Mobile, which is a huge class developer Gameloft. This innovative game has got a huge response from the gamers in the world. Noted that Contract Killer has been downloaded by over 50 million users worldwide. And with a rating of 4.6 Stars out of a total of as many as 192,699 users reviews. As the name suggests, the Android war game, users will play as an assassin hired to kill a particular individual's mission to provide. And your main weapon here is nothing but a rifle commonly known as the Sniper gun. You can have this game for free through Game Play. Are you interested to try? Please [click here] (Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.glu.android.ck&feature=also_installed "Download") to download!

Gun & Blood

This game has the same class with Brothers In Arms ® 2 release Gameloft and Glu Mobile Contract Killer belong. It was designed by a reliable developer named FT Games. Although recent data indicate the number of downloaders Google Play only as many as 10 million users, but Gun & Blood managed to get a 4.6 rating Stars of the total worth of reviews as much as 116,636 users around the world. It is an extraordinary achievement. Gun & Blood resemble a very interesting game. Users will serve as a soldier in charge of fighting a variety of enemies in the wild that are currently in an era of supra - modern. Where is the start of the instruments of war, weapons, technology, cities, etc. have embraced the technology - super-advanced technology. Are you ready to fight? If interested, please download the Android war games Gun & Blood here!
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