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Fitbit One - Advanced Tools To Maximize Healthy Lifestyle

Selasa, 19 Februari 20131komentar

Fitbit Inc.. a company from California, United States that focuses on the development of hardware and software that can be your personal assistant to monitor day-to-day activities. Hardware and software even this can be synchronized to complete your activity information such as the number of steps, distance, calories spent during exercise by hardware Fitbit, Fitbit software while also providing information about food calories you need daily complete with a menu of food and calorie targets were burned when berakitivitas. To support the hardware synchronization Fitbit is equipped with wireless technology.

Such equipment is already widely circulated to various brands and products, such as the Jawbone UP, Motorola ACTV, Nike FuelBand, and so the same function of providing important information for your activities in order to maximize a healthy lifestyle. This equipment generally is small and designed to be attached to the body or your clothes. In the form of software also has many applications supporting akitivitas sports and daily activities that can be downloaded for free or paid at the App Store and the Android Market.

Well, this time Paseban will explore more about any of the equipment is made by Fitbit Inc. Fitbit Tracker hardware products. There have been many generations of the Fitbit Tracker is them who are Fitbit Classic, followed by the next generation of the Fitbit Ultra, and the last Fitbit Inc. issued three new products at the same time Fitbit is One, Flex Fitbit and Fitbit Zip. Which will be discussed below is Fitbit One. Following a brief.

Fitbit ** One: Build and design *

Its small and sleek, glossy black and sporty design that makes excellence in its outlook. It weighs only 8 grams with a clip at the top to be pinned to clothing. At the front there is a screen made of OrganicLED controlled by a single button on it, the outside of the equipment is made of non-slip silicone material, durable, and waterproof. Clips are also made of silicone material is ridged so as not easily separated from the clothing when walking or running, even when it rains.

Fitbit One: Features

Beyond the technological tools that are 2 tiny sophisticated sensor accelerometer and altimeter are working with the principle of pedometers to record and calculate your activities like walking, jogging, and running. Just by pressing a single button is there, you can find out in turn on the number of steps, distance, calories burned, as well as flower icon indicates how active you are throughout the day are displayed on the OLED display. Another excellent feature of this tool can monitor your activity even while sleeping.

This tool will monitor the extent to which the quality of your sleep overnight automatically and also calculate how long you sleep. Surely to be comfortable while sleeping should be used according to the instructions. In this tool you can set the appropriate alarm clock you want to wake up. Interestingly there is a feature Silent Alarm, the alarm did not make a sound but will vibrate to wake you when it's time.

To maximize performance, the tool can be connected to a desktop computer or a wireless PC. With the Fitbit software contained on your PC, connect online to the account that was created in Fitbit.com who will receive information from the Fitbit One and analyze it. Through the PC software connected to this account, you can provide more information about food consumption, water intake, heart rate, glucose intake, and other sports can not be read by Fitbit One as cycling and swimming. With much more information then you will also get suggestions akltivitas more about you. In addition the software can also be connected to the gadget menggunankan Android platform and the iPhone with software that should be planted in it. The software can be obtained free of charge

There is also a paid premium account can further maximize your diet program. With only £ 39.99 or the equivalent of 620 thousand dollars annually premises, then you get the facility Trainer Digital or digital coach who organize sporting activities you based health information that has been received.


With a wide range of useful features, the device is suitable for you who are in a diet program or for those who are want to get used to a healthy lifestyle. Walopun the price is not cheap, at around £ 79.99, equivalent to USD 1.2 million, but it is comparable to a very useful function. Moreover, the tool can be maximized by connecting it to your Android phone or iPhone, even to your PC.
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