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Find a Cheap iPad Mini? Titanium Archos 80 Tablet Could Be Alternatives

Senin, 04 Februari 20130 komentar

Are you one of those who always look for in Google Search Engine with the same keywords every day? cheap mini iPad, or iPad prices low, and yet still not getting results? Looks like Apple will not issue their cheap products in the near future, is associated with the release of their new products are ready to invade the world market of electronics and gadgets, such as the Apple iTV, little iMac, and other products that Apple is ready to launch. What made you interested in the iPad or iPad mini? Design, features, or resolution? Maybe it's good, you stop searches iPad at bargain prices for a moment to listen all about the rival of iPad mini with a price that is much cheaper, but the quality is not much different from these.

Archos 80 Titanium

Here it is a tablet that is touted as a rival of the iPad mini, although obviously this is not a release from Apple, and also has a different operating system ie Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. With a screen resolution IPS 1.024 x768-pixel resolution, dual core processor, and full access to Google Play Store, and Google apps; tablet is ready to go to market with a price range that is very much cheaper, more precisely starting from $ 119 - $ 199. The plan bersultan Archos tablet will be released in March.

Pros-> With a dual core processor, Android-based tablets Jelly Bean is bound to give you such a great experience in accessing applications or programs quickly. It's the reason he's the center of attention, Titanium Tablet Archos 80 has the same resolution as the iPad Mini.

Cons-> Unfortunately, this tablet though diumbar-advance as a rival of the iPad Mini, it still has some shortcomings, namely: Weakness in WiFi, GPS, the headphone jack, and an email client that is not satisfactory.

That's about the specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages, but some of the truth of the data, because these new Archos tablet will release in March. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini, the following brief review.

iPad Mini

Definitely have a lot of review-reviews of Apple products this one. From the start of the design, features, and iOS. Mini iPad uses iOS version 6.0.2;, there are 2 colors of iPad Mini is the black and white which has its own features and specifications. Mini iPad on the model is divided into two WiFi and WiFi Cellular memory capacity of 16GB, 32GB, 64GB; with dual core A5 processor, and of course that makes it a rivalry is the same screen resolution of the iPad 2 and the Archos Tablet 1.024 x768-pixel .

Pros-> same features as the regular-sized iPad, more easy to use with a size 7 inch iPad Mini powered by Siri is smarter than the previous version.

Cons-> No special privileges on iPad Mini, everything feels the same as the iPad more, but also no shortage of such means. Maybe Apple just gave the solution for people who want to buy the iPad at a cheaper price.

iPad Mini is very often mentioned in terms of the price a little overpriced or out of range, with no special features or additional technology critics consider Google Nexus Tablet 7 is still much better with prices starting at $ 200 even though the surrounding Android system. Alluding to tablet-based Android system, even the editors of leading magazines as well as technology critics say that you should be more thoroughly first, though the iPad has the nickname 'Mini', but in fact, not a few people who thought it was a regular size.

The conclusion of the rivalry of these two products above a little unreasonable, iPad Mini certainly superior to some degree from the Tablet Archos. Only iPad Mini was criticized by the editors because the price is a bit expensive which starts from $ 329. After the review above, Are you interested to keep it looking cheap iPad Mini?
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