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Filtering and Download Multiple Files Simultaneously with the Add-on Google Chrome, Download Master

Senin, 04 Februari 20130 komentar

Perhaps one of the main things that make you feel at home using the browser Mozilla Firefox is so many add-on that you can download in the library browser. While Chrome does not have too many extensions, but Mozilla has an add-on bundle that so much during its existence.

There are some add-ons, such as DownThemAll which is in the elite class and the add-on you will not find in the Chrome browser. However, there are several alternatives that you can use. Being able to download files in the browser with a large amount, it may be a problem for you who like to download various files. But do not worry, because there is now a solution for you to download large numbers of files with Chrome. With the add-on, you can download almost all the files in a web page. But wait, because you can also pick and choose which ones suit your needs using the filter feature provided by an add-on Google Chrome.

Download Master

If you look at the website to find the best solution to deal with this problem, then you will find Download Master as one solution. Download Master is one of the best extensions for this problem, because this extension is very simple and can solve problems when you want to download a file with a large amount. This extension does not require a lot of additional and excessive regulation, other than himself to carry out the task of downloading files as you want.

You can download the add-on Google Chrome is in the Chrome Web Store for free. When you find the add-on Google Chrome, you can just click Add To Chrome, to add it to your Google Chrome browser. After installing the Download Master, you can open this window by clicking on the extension icon display small arrows to the right of the address bar on the site your Chrome browser. Once you click the icon, the window will open Download Manager.

When the Download Master window open, you will see in the window is a menu provided by the Google Chrome add-on's, such as Extension filters, custom filters, and display options. Under these menus, you can see a table which is divided into two parts. The left column contains the full URL, sedangakan right column contains the name of the link.

By default, the Download Master displays each element in an HTML document. These include links, images, and everything. To see the types of files you want, or in other words filter files, you can do a way to uncheck the "Hide non file links" in the Display options.

You can also filter the results registered by its file extension. Filters that can be adjusted allowing you to filter files based on extension, for example if you put a check in the box. Jpg, then the results come out only files that have a. Jpg only. There are also other uses of this filter, for example, you just want to download the user avatar in the comments. This can be done easily, like-we note the "avatar" is a string that is included in the URL of each image.

To download a file that is checked, you can just click the Download button located at the bottom left corner. Then you will see the words "This site is Attempting to download multiple files. Do you want to allow this? ". Click Allow and your download will start in a browser like any other file you download. After this, all you have to do is wait. It should be noted, if you are downloading a large number of files at once, such as 100, then the pop-up is displayed several times. You simply click on the button, to allow resume and it will be fine. Although a little annoying, but it seems this is not a big problem for you.

If you are looking for a tool to download files, but does not depend on the browser, the extension may be a good solution. Add-on does not have many features, but when you're pressed for time and need to keep everything in a web page, the add-on is what you really need. Download add-on Download Master here.
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