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Edit Photos iPhone app worth Tried

Jumat, 01 Februari 20130 komentar

IPhone photo editing apps already created a lot of application developers. There are good, bad, and also without any explanation (do not have anything wah). This time I will provide recommendations to your iPhone photo app yet paid (though not all). We can not ignore that paid apps have better quality but also did not rule out that paid applications have a feature worth paying. Therefore, will give some camera apps for the iPhone that you are not wrong in buying.

Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0

In the desktop software, this software is very popular to use. These tools and features are very easy to use and a great deal. No need to linger learning to operate this software. Not just on the desktop only, Photoshop also on the iPhone as Adobe Photoshop express. While not as sophisticated as his brother but for the size of the desktop version of this smartphone is quite remarkable.

This application is provided free by Adobe, but with many limitations. To get the full features of your purchase you must turn the full version for U.S. $ 4.99 (when this article was written). With the full version features more than Snapseed, Instagram and Camera + +. Download the application here.

Anti Crop

AntiCrop is a simple tool. This application serves to prolong, short, wide, primarily related to the size of your image. The application is running very smoothly. It's a simple function but for the price of U.S. $ 0.99 application he became a cheap but very functional. Download the application here.

Camera + 4.2 vs.

IPhone camera has been made to take a picture with a nice, but we can shoot at even better with the additional application Camera +. If you want to take pictures with different effects an option beyond the given camera features iOS, use this application. Snap, the picture was already having effect before editing. Price is U.S. $ 1.99 application time this article was written. Download the application here.

Camerabag 1.9

More limited than apliaksi earlier, it could just remake the image of the iPhone camera shots form the photo effect is often used in photography as retro, striking and so forth. To measure the worth U.S. $ 1.99 app is arguably tolerable. Download the application here.

Camera Genius 4.2

Camera Genius makes a nice feature for a photograph after photograph and makes images look consistent. The photos you take and which can be edited watermark (stamp) on your own. To cap this is so that your photos are not claimed to be someone else (to avoid issues such as the case of Instagram). Another feature that makes this application is a skill Genius photographed with voice commands, timer, and when the camera is in focus right. The results of your photos can be shared to social networking sites like to Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and Tumblr. That we need a cap because the photo was our work. Price is U.S. $ 1.99 app. Download the application here.

Colour Splash

This application serves to change the colors in your photos. You can create a striking color, elegant black nor white. In retrospect, this application is sederha but not free. He must be purchased at a price of U.S. $ 0.99. Download the application here.


Hipsmatic not much different from other applications, it's just that he is more powerful even than the other. We can menambanhkan retro style or also the effect that the image is a snapshot from the past kodak. Many choices of effects but the actual effect is substantially similar to all, just adding little effects here and there only. Weakness of this app is that we have to buy a new addition to getting excellent features. Price is U.S. $ 1.99 app before adding other features. Download the application here.


Who does not know this one application. With a slight effect on the photo (arguably only a matter of coloring the whole) and sharing on social networks, this application is so popular explode. Applications that have been acquired by Facebook is a very sedehana editing application but is in great demand. This proves not to feature the wah could raise popularity, simplicity is also able to make famous. Instagram is provided free by the developers but many supporting applications are paid. Download the application here.


This is a photo editing application with features and the best price. This application is complete, there is no auto-correct, effects, adjustments and so on. This application is not inferior to other desktop editing applications. With a price of U.S. $ 4.99 we have a complete photo editing app for the smartphone category. Download the application here.
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