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EasilyDo: Agenda iOS Applications That Will Make Your Life Easier

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

Productivity is a desirable one in every activity. Since the App Store launched yet, people find ways to be more productive. Technology has helped in fixing the problems that exist. When we search for something online, then we can gain more knowledge and get a variety of benefits through programs that make activities easier to live with less drain on our minds.

If you are a user of iOS devices, the App Store continues to grow, then you will always find ways to be more productive. In fact, there are many applications that are dedicated just for productivity at work. One of many such applications are EasilyDo, where applications agendaini claim as a personal assistant for users. This is something promising, and certainly interesting to use.

Like most applications, you'll start using EasilyDo to create an account or sign in with social media. Then, to take all the benefits EasilyDo for you, then you can connect with a variety of services that you have such as Gmail, Yahoo, LinkedIn, or even a variety of social media.

With all the social media services and online services out there, it is developer only limits the use some of them. Perhaps the future, the number of these restrictions may be increased, given the very important things on some online services. So, with a lot of services in it, then the application of this work will further help the activities of each user.

Once you are integrated with social media and email accounts, tap the button with the gear icon in the top right to carry out relief for you. Here, you'll see the ability to do EasilyDo and you will know how much time will be cut with a variety of settings. You will also be given a list of tasks to be divided in several categories such as Location, Calendar, Contacts, and more. Tap on a task, and after that it will give detailed descriptions of what to do this job applications. If you agree with what he would do, then activate the task.

EasilyDo has a lot to do with either. In total there were 24 tasks that can cut your time, and finish well. Some interesting is to combine duplicate contacts, send congratulations via social media, and provide info time activities do you do next. You will find it more convenient to what can be done by the application of this work.

The most important part in the application of this work is, for each type of task can be solved either through EasilyDo. For example, you would congratulate a friend via social media, then you will open the application that will show people what you mean. With a tap on a button, you can send messages quickly. In a short time you can do it. EasilyDo not show notifications, but if you were actife, then you will be notified in a more significant activity, but after that you have to open it manually apliaksi to see any activity.

EasilyDo an employment application that acts like your personal assistant with a variety of activities that you live and your time will be well trimmed. Some tasks can also maximize, such as sending a message when you a location, warn you of bad weather in the area you are in, as well as a direction when you will return home or go somewhere. Other functions are also working on applications such as cleaning the old reminder that there is in the mail, reminding you to call someone, and enter a new contact in your email.

EasilyDo is a working application that has potential and you'll love the simplicity and neat design. This application is a mixture of things that will help you in carrying out daily activities. With the advantage of the can, then there is no harm if you immediately use the application of this work. This application can be downloaded for free here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/easilydo-life-assistant/id481881465?mt=8&ign;-mpt=uo=4
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