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Dream House Days - Kairosoft Simulation Game For Android Devices

Kamis, 07 Februari 20130 komentar

Specialist mobile simulation game from Japan, Kairosoft released the new game. Kairosoft is known as the king of the simulation game genre in his native country. Already dozens of titles they make and almost entirely exploded in the Japanese market. Unfortunately, there are many game titles made by Kairosoft is under cultivation using Japanese. Thanks to the rapid growth of Android smartphones in the world, Kairosoft parties finally agreed to translate the flagship games into English to be better known. And one of the latest release of the game is the game that will New Tech discussed on this occasion.

Kairosoft's simulation game titled Dream House Days. In this new game, you are tasked to create a large and comfortable apartment so as to make at home for the inhabitants. Not finished until there, Dream House Days also requires you to participate in the success of career and romance problems of people who occupy the apartment belongs to you. This can be very useful as a medium to promote the apartment.

The first time you start the Dream House Days, you will be provided four-room apartment in a discharged condition. All you have to do first is to fill the room with furniture. Ranging from furniture required such as beds, kitchen and bathroom, to install lights, fans, desks, or fireplace. When finished designing the room contents, you have to do next is to advertise the room. Every weekend, there will be some people who see the room of your apartment. If the person feels comfortable, without hesitation he will pay a deposit and start occupying it.

Any furniture that you put in the room will affect the attributes Comfort of the room. The higher the comfort of a room, the higher the interest of people to occupy the room. Room comfort is also crucial to pay rents. Therefore you must provide high comfort to get a lot of money. In addition to comfort, each furniture can also add attributes of the tenants.

As was New Tech wrote earlier, the Kairosoft game, you are also required for a successful career person who occupies the apartment belongs to you. Everyone has the attributes you should look, ie Intelligence, Hobby, Fitness, and Charisma. Intelligence is a person's level of intelligence. The higher the intelligence, the more successful career person. He will be easier to get a promotion from his position and was willing to pay a higher rent. Hobby attributes that will facilitate the person's height in opening new job that promises a higher salary. Meanwhile, Charisma was instrumental in the success of a person to attract the opposite sex. Yes, it is not possible in your apartment two fell in love and decided to marry. If you are married, you have to move them into a bigger apartment rooms and offer higher rents.

No changes were made to the game in terms of graphics this Kairosoft. The graphics are still carrying the 16 bit pixel style like game consoles Nintendo. In terms of musical sounds unremarkable at first play. But when your apartment has grown larger, the theme music will change and becomes easier to enjoy.

Excellence Dream House Day is located in a very detailed gameplay. For the size of the game is available for free, this game has a high detail games like game consoles. Many combinations of the hidden and the variety of characters you have to unlock. This makes you able to enjoy this game for months to come.

Small menu selection to the negative side of this game. With the availability of so many menus, party menus Kairosoft forced to reduce the size to fit the screen. It is difficult to suppress the impact on the options menu. It is not likely you'll often wrong button because the menus are very small and close together.

However, this Kairosoft simulation game can be addictive game that makes you forget the time. Game size is 5.8 MB and requires OS on top of Android 2.2 for the play. Get Dream House Days for free here.
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