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Download Application Translate All Languages ​​Tourist Language Learn and Speak on Android

Sabtu, 02 Februari 20130 komentar

One of the Android application that can allow you to travel or even living overseas with sufficient language skills or do not fully understand the language in the places you visit or live in, is the application Tourist Language Learn and Speak. This application is a type of Travel and Location application that can be used by your Android mobile phone users.

With this application, you can also translate the full, so applications do not have to download when you want to travel, but it also could be for you who want to learn the languages ​​of the world, Well, before you download apps on the Android translate all languages, the see review Paseban following:

There are sixty countries whose languages ​​supported by the application Tourist Language Learn and Speak, among others, the Spanish language used in the country of Argentina and Chile, Portugal if you are visiting Angola or Brazil, Polish - Polish, German, French, Italian, Chinese , Korean, Japanese, Arabic - Algeria, and Bulgarian - Bulgaria where the standard language is the main tool used is English.

Application Tourist Language Learn and Speak very easy to use by you in different situations and wherever you are. This application helps you in communicating with strangers in the country you are visiting is in accordance with the situation you are living.

Examples such as when you are in need of communication in the use of transportation or related persons in the service of transportation, but they do not have the ability to communicate in English such as when you're at the airport, station, terminal, train, car, taxi , or even on the bus. Not only in terms bertransportasi guide, this application can also be your guide while in certain places and require communication services in place.

Examples such as when you are in the mood to rent a hotel, want to eat at a restaurant, or even while you're in the hospital, the pharmacy, or the police station at the time of special handling situation, this tool is very helpful as your travel guide. This application was also guide you when you're talking in a conversation with the people around you, such as on the street, or a neighbor, or even with friends and business associates when you do not understand what they are saying. This benefit is very important because the communication is no ambiguity as possible to avoid misunderstandings perception.

While you're visiting a country with English as the language of communication in the United States, Australia, or England, this tool was still useful to you as it is a language foundation in this application and also displays the country's culture that make it easier for you to adapt in the country. Unfortunately for some languages ​​such as Chinese and Japanese, guidelines for communication within applications Tourist Language Learn and Speak is limited to the category of everyday dialogue only, while for formal dialogue in services such as airports, stations, taxis, hotels, restaurants, hospitals , and the police have not tersupport by this application.

But vendors have plans to develop this tool for the future. Application Tourist Language Learn and Speak the latest is version 2.0, maybe in the next version there will be a more complete guide to get you to use. This application has a fairly sophisticated system and allows you to learn and develop your skills to a foreign language that you need as a translation tool based on the alphabet and the sentence is complete, then the search option and others. Application Tourist Language Learn and Speak It also does not require an internet connection for you to be using it so it will be easier for you to use it wherever you are as guide you through your daily life abroad.

Specifications of Android phones that could be a tool to use application Tourist Language Learn and Speak are Android phones with version 1.6 or insisted on it. Memory required to support this application is the memory of 1.4 M. Application Tourist Language Learn and Speak it you can download it for free in the Android Market.
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