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Do not Sell Your Used Computer! Do 5 Things It Helpful

Kamis, 14 Februari 20130 komentar

Along with the increasing number of mobile computing devices such as notebooks, netbooks, ultrabook, and others, then gradually diminishing the use of computers. Most of the people who buy laptops will sell the old computer or give it to someone else. It is only natural that most people want to get profits back of the computer traces.

Actually, there are many other things to do besides selling the used computer. If you belong to the people who switched from the computer to the laptop, then you should think twice before deciding to sell your old computer. there are some useful things you can do with your computer. Therefore, on this occasion Paseban will give you some helpful tips that you can do with it before you decide to sell a used computer.

Making it as a web server

The first tip that you might try is to make an old computer as a web server. Some of you may be having your own website, then instead of renting a server on the other hand, you better make your own server for the website. Because, by having a server yourself, then you can freely adjust what software you want to use. You also can free upgrade server. If you run out of space on the server then you just add a hard drive, and if the web page is slow when it is opened it just add RAM to the server.

Experimenting with virus

If you do not have a personal website or perhaps you do not want to make it as a web server, then you can use it as a used computer experiments. You can do a variety of things in them as installing a wide range of applications without the need to worry about your data will be lost. If you've downloaded an app, but you are not sure whether the application contains a virus or not, then you can try it first on the computer.

In other words, your old computer is now a real sandbox. Yes, an actual sandbox sandbox because it was not made available to the antivirus software today. You can also install a variety of malicious software on your computer because you can reinstall the operating system at any time if the damage inside.

Making it as a work of art

Another thing you can do with old computers is to make it as a work of art. It is certainly more useful than you let it pile up in the barn with the other junk. there are many works of art from the computer if you look it up on the internet. Some of them can even say very creative. For example, there is what makes the computer as a picture frame. Or if the used computer already has wifi in it, then you can connect it to a flickr account for it as an online photo gallery.

Such computer blew up

If you find that you have a computer that has been badly damaged so it can not be sold or used for the things above, then maybe you will decide to throw it away. Wait a minute! Instead you get rid of the computer, then it may be more exciting if you boom.

Although it may sound quite strange, but it would not hurt for you to try out these tips. Especially if you are a gamer, then you definitely want to feel the thrill of seeing HOW bomb blast in front of your own head. If you are interested in doing it, then you can see the video here reference

Such Recycle Computers

If all the above options do not want to do, then of course the last throw. But before you throw it away, make sure you recycle all the components that may be used again in the future such as RAM, processors, hard drives, and more. in addition to making you healthier environment, recycle computer components will also make you as one of the citizens who support the Go Green campaign.
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