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Digital physiognomy - Software For Reading Character Faces

Selasa, 05 Februari 20130 komentar

Digital physiognomy is a software designed to interpret the character and personality of the man based on the shape, size or position of the elements of the face, such as eyes, hair, nose, and others. From the name alone is unclear, because it is an abbreviation of physiognomy physiology and anatomy. In the field of physiology are often studied by medical experts or scientists. The program works like a police sketch (photo robot), so you do not have to have a photo of someone you want to find out the character and personality.

In other words, digital physiognomy can be called a professional identifier neural network for correlation with human facial features. This software can reveal a person's temperature character, intellect, personality, sense of humor, level of optimism, strength, and even luck. Analysis used the same way as it is commonly interpreted physiognomist. Therefore, it was no longer necessary to achieve equality with photos.

This software can also provide a detailed written report data by presenting all the information in graphs and data points. It uses software that has a strange and seems to really be considered unreasonable for some people.

In the experiments, the program is tested to analyze faces of famous people such as Albert Einstein, Charlie Chaplin, Joseph Stalin, Mao and several other famous figures. However, for now the software has been released and is more widely used by psychologists, human resource specialists, ophthalmologists, state security department and the people who work in the field of physiognomy. If you're curious to try it, you can get this software here.

Digital physiognomy is available at the link above is the 1831 version which is updated as of May 2012 on the site Softpedia. Apliaksi file size is 3.5 MB file size, not too big for an intelligent software of this kind. However, please note that you can run this software on condition requirements, including the devices you have Pentium (r) 100 MHz or faster processor, have Internet Explorer 4.0 or better still if there is a newer version, RAM capacity minimum 16 MB, and the availability of disk space of 20 MB on the hard disk for file storage program. Recommended the program is run on a PC that has the color mode and resolution 1024x768 or higher, and of course the availability of the input devices mouse and keyboard.

The operating system can be used by this application is all Windows, either Windows XP, Windows Vista and of course Windows 7. Lab-made software developer UNIPHIZ you can have just a price of USD 19.95 or you can try for 30 days (Trial). In the software window display there are at least five main menu options, which are File, Edit, View, Find and Help.

In addition the program also provided the library with a savings of hundreds of photos and selected identikit famous people from Russia and from around the world, whether political leaders, billionaires, criminals, writers and artists as a sample. In addition you can find information on who among the famous people who have character and personality as you. For the full version of this software, you have the convenience of being able to easily add your face to the photo gallery of celebrities. The results of the analysis of this software you can print, and the results are immediately displayed digitally in the forms of graphs. Software builds a diagram one's temperament, and to know the details in the picture there will be some parts that light up, that's the nature of human beings.
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