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Differences in Computer Data Size: gigabytes, terabytes and petabytes

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You all must know if it's 500 gigabytes larger than 100 gigabytes. In addition, you also must understand well if 1 terabyte is bigger than 1 gigabyte, and 1 gigabyte is also larger than 1 megabyte. But it was only a matter of abstraction that is very difficult to visualize. Maybe we will easily imagine how it was 1 inch, 1 meter, or even 1 mile. But can we imagine how it's 1 gigabyte, 1 terabyte, or even 1 petabyte?

With the rapid development of technology in recent years, we certainly really feel the increase in data capacity is increasingly large. However, very rarely people know how great it is 1 gigabyte. Therefore, check out the following Paseban review in order to determine how much data size gigabytes, terabytes, or even petabytes.

1 Gigabyte = 1.024 Megabytes

Let's start this discussion with the term "byte" first. Simply put, one byte can be considered as a measure of the data that is able to accommodate one character. If a word consists of 6 letters, the word size is 6 bytes. Therefore, an essay consisting of 500 words will size 3000 bytes.

To reach the size of kilobytes (KB), you need 1024 bytes. The term "kilo" here is the same as the terms contained in the "kilometer" or "kilo" which means "thousand". But in the computer world, one kilobyte is not 1000 bytes, but 1024 bytes.

That way, an essay which contains 500 words will have a size of 3000 bytes or 2.92 KB. A novel that contains 200,000 words it will require 1172 KB or 1.14 megabytes (MB). All the works of Shakespeare will also spend about 5 MB if it is written in plain format. In addition, the capacity of 5 MB can also be used to store MP3 songs lasted 5 minutes.

One gigabyte (GB) size of 1024 MB. Size is equal to the number of books to be aligned as far as 10 feet or 200 songs, each of which lasted 5 minutes. Gigabyte size is probably already quite familiar to our ears.

1 Terabyte = 1.024 Gigabytes

For a long time we always hear the size of the hard drives in units of GB. But in recent years it seems we start familiar with the hard drive that has a size terabyte (TB). How big is the size of this TB?

If we try to calculate, then 1 TB = 1.024 GB = 1,048,576 MB = 1,073,741,824 KB = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes. In other words, the size of 1 TB is more than 1 trillion bytes. Try to imagine how many disks are needed to reach that size. In addition, the size of 1 TB is also equal to the number 1500 CD-ROM. If all these CDs are stacked, the pile would be as high as 12 meters. Imagine how much space you save by buying a 1 TB hard disk size the size of a small box.

1 Petabyte = 1.024 terabytes

Finally, we will visit a measure of recent data that has started being discussed people, the petabyte (PB). In one study, the human brain has the capacity to store about 2.5 petabytes of memory. in addition, one of the telecom giants in the U.S. are AT & T could send about 20 PB of data each day.

It is very difficult when we try to imagine the size of the data held by the petabyte. If 1 TB only has a 1 trillion bytes, then 1 PB is 1 quadrilyun bytes. Wonder how long its size if we write it as a decimal.

If we try to calculate, the size of the 1 PB can accommodate about 10 thousand hours of a program that has a standard definition television. If you watch the show continuously without eating, drinking, or sleeping, then you it takes about 2 years to complete.
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