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Dell XPS 10 - Tablet PCs Windows Phone 8 Gallery Wrapped Advanced Technology

Selasa, 19 Februari 20130 komentar

Since the release of Microsoft's latest operating system, namely Windows 8, fever operating system intended for touchscreen devices is still very rampant in the world. Vendors gadget world still continue to work with the operating system to utilize this. The vendors are competing to create a unique and functional devices. One more masterpiece born from a giant vendor named Dell. The company's electronics giant was also not to be outdone in the competition in the market device operating system Windows 8. Dell re-issued a superior product that carries the type of the tablet with the name Dell XPS 10. With a unique design and distinctive Dell amazing touchscreen capabilities, producing a tablet product a slick and charming.

Being something unique in the world of gadget lovers ears when Dell announced that the company is releasing a tablet with a screen size of 10.1-inch Dell XPS 10 named. Because of Dell products in the market prefers laptops and other electronic items supporting a computer. With the release of this tablet shows that Dell wants to give loyal customers a quality product.

Tablet Windows Phone is priced at $ 499, or about 5 million. Price equal to the advanced technology and good quality. With equal ability Dell tablet, then no doubt the technology and excellence.

The tablet also has a port on the bottom of the tablet can be connected to the dock. Dock has a keyboard and trackpad. So when you connect the tablet to the dock, you will feel the sensation of using a regular laptop. And if you want to carry around a tablet, you just need to remove it from the dock and you will get a tablet device capable.

Material that surrounds the Dell XPS 10 is using carbon fiber chassis material with a smooth texture and is accompanied by a sturdy plastic ala Dell which makes it looks increasingly lavish. Dell XPS 10 has a weight of 635 grams, which is slightly heavier but still in early stages of comfortable use.

In terms of design, this tablet has a design that is still commonly used in tablets in general. With black material wrapped and slippery, making the design more appealing eye of the beholder. On the front of the tablet there is a front camera, 10.1-inch screen and a button bearing the image of the logo of Windows 8. This button is useful for the home button, the button is a standard button operation on the average tablet on the market. At the bottom of the tablet, with an orientation that is under the home button of the tablet, there is a docking port that can be used to connect with an external keyboard. In addition you will also find a pair of speakers that can produce sounds pretty neat. While on the left are volume buttons to zoom in and sound out of this Dell tablet.

Kitchen spur of this Dell tablet features a dual-core processor with 1.5 GHz clock. With the ability of this processor is so slick, you'll find a tablet that will run applications that are installed on the tablet is running smoothly. You will not find any lag or hang too bad when you run large applications.

In addition to supporting the ability of the processor and a slick kitchen runway, the Dell XPS 10 is also instill good quality screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. Display technology used has good quality so that the colors and images appear very clear and detailed. In addition, the features available in this tablet also no less satisfying. Such as storage media for 32/64 GB which can be expanded with additional memory slot that can be upgraded up to 32 GB, A-GPS, Accelerometer, Gyro, Compass, 5 MP camera and others. With all the charming features, the tablet is worth to be your partner in helping to carry out their daily work. For those of you who need an advanced tablet device and qualified, the Dell XPS 10 could be an option.
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