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Create a 3-D Object Model using 3D Printer

Rabu, 13 Februari 20130 komentar

If we consider the type of animation, we definitely faced with two types of animation. Animation animation is divided into two dimensions and three dimensions. Two dimensions or more commonly known as 2D, has the form on the length and width, while 3D has a length, width, and height. In addition to the animation world we know is also on the type of printer or printing and printing. Yeah right now it appears some type of printer can perform printing to form three-dimensional, and really like the 3-dimensional models of the statue. So we can do the printing of three-dimensional shapes that exist in a computer canvas into a model using this type of printing.

This can be done thanks to some technologies evolve quickly and rapidly. One thing that makes this happen because of the use of a cheaper microcontroller. 3D printing is usually used to create an object model, objects usually are much in use in the Aircraft industry, Automotive, Architecture, and others - others. This object is to see the details of a design that has been made, so we can imagine more clearly than in the design of a 2-dimensional image. Unfortunately, the results of 3D printing is expensive, and consuming wkatu long enough to make it.

Thanks to the microcontroller are already cheaper, 3D printing can be made on a smaller scale with less cost. One thing that makes this created quickly, the use of open source licenses on the RepRap Project. A project to create a protoype of 3D printing. In the use of Electronic hardware on RepRap project uses based Open Source Arduino. This way the project could be cheaper in the making. And this is what inspired the making of 3D Printer:


RepRap be a pioneer in the field of 3D printing is cheaper. Early in the RepRap Project starting in 2005, which is spearheaded by DR. Adrian Bowyer of the University of Bath, UK. A year kemudia prototype were successfully born. Since it's development continued until this year. In 2008, the first model successfully developed a better system since the first was born in 2006, and the prototype is named "Darwin".

The next year, precisely in October 2009, the second generation model successfully born. In the second generation model is named "Mendel". Last in the third generation born in the year 2010, under the name "Huxley".

Because the use of open source licenses, the users of 3D printers prefer to product output from the RepRap, because this way they can carry out exploration using this tool.


Manufacture makes this one is a Makerbot 3D Printer. Companies based in New York, the U.S. was established in 2009. Makerbot Bre Pettis founded by Adam Mayer, and Zach "Hoeken" Smith.

Their first commercial product was named Cupcake CNC, was released in 2009. Since the Cupcake CNC released using Open Source license, and here was born a few derivatives Cupcake CNC 3D printer from users Cupcake CNC. This is done to provide an increase in the use of the Cupcake CNC. And Cupcake CNC is based on the first release of the RepRap project.

And finally in 2012, after giving birth in 2009 Cupcake CNC and Thing-O-Matic in 2010, Makerbot issued its latest products Replicator. Change happens from the design side Replicator better and beautiful, in comparing the previous product. There was also much improved performance in this Replicator. Unfortunately Replicator is sold in a finished product, until now Makerbot not have a desire to sell the assembled products.

3D Systems Cube

If you are visiting CES yesterday, you should not miss Stand was opened by 3D Systems Cube. Because of this at CES, 3D Systems Cube showcase their two newest products. The first product is more commercial and a challenger of artificial Makerbot Replicator 3D printer. And in the second product is more low-consumers, with lower prices and are used to entice the novice user.

The first product called the Cube, and the second was named CubeX. Another advantage is owned by 3D Systems Cube made products, they provide color features glow in the dark (glow in the dark). Cube made for home users or low cost consumer and CubeX in the allocation to the professional user.
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