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Computer Tips and Tricks to Give Name On Your Computer

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Specifies the name on your perangakat is a small action that had little consequence. Is the name of your new computer is still as "CORSAIR 829 495", or converted into "Bingo", it will not affect anything on your device performance. But on a personal level, giving the name of your device correctly can impact your productivity, organization, or just pleasure.

Perhaps you rarely think that the name is important. In fact, some of you reading this article may not be aware that the name of the device to be replaced. Here are some tips and tricks on how to give a name to your computer on your device.

Do not use your Personal Data

The first time you install the operating system such as Windows, you are usually asked to give a name. After the installation process is complete, your computer is automatically named "Rudi-PC", for example. It may look fine to you, and there was nothing bad about it.

However, the computer name with your own name can make your device impersonal and boring. The computer is a separate entity from you, so that you can give his own name. You can give unique names for these devices.

In practical terms, this can be confusing. Let's say your computer name "Home-PC", which sounds trite but it will not damage your system. But what if you buy a computer again, or maybe two computers. Are you going to name it the "Home-PC-2" and "Home-PC-3"? Or maybe "Home-Computer" and "Home-Desktop"? You can be yourself with this confusion.

Do not Set Goals For Your Computer

Maybe a lot of philosophical thinking what will you do with your computer equipment, whether for a specific purpose or not. But that does not mean you are going to name your device suitable device function. For example, do not name your computer with a "Gaming Laptop", or do not call your cell phone with "Mobile Notes".

Why? Because the device you have can have a lot of goals and objectives usage may change from time to time. At one time, your netbook will not only be used to write, but you also use it for browsing.

Do not Use Location Description

Maybe your desktop is your office back room, where it is your place to do the work, so you decide to name your computer with a "Back Office PC space." Location of computers will change from time to time. Even if your home computer is placed in the living room, you never know when your child wants to move it to the bedroom.

Do not use letters or characters are Strange

Name your device must be used for many things. Bluetooth is a good example, but also for services such as HomeGroup, network sharing, and others. If you are using letters or symbols that weird, you make it difficult to type the name of your device.

In addition, certain symbols might not even be recognized by the system. Although the name "Fjœrk ‡ ‡" might work on your Windows operating system, what happens when your device is connected to your phone or another computer on another operating system may not recognize the symbol?

Surprisingly, some operating systems do not support a space (""), so be aware of that. If in doubt, use only letters, numbers, and hyphens occasionally.

Use a short name that Easy Identified

Because the names are often used in the context of the network, making it short and simple is usually a good way. Long names or phrases may be unique or funny, but one time, these names can be annoying and distracting. Give the name of a device that consists of between 4 and 8 characters when possible.

Similarly, if your name is hard to read, or difficult to identify, you will only make the experience unpleasant networks. Just imagine when your friends ask you the name of your device, and you respond with a convoluted, maybe you should replace it with a new name.

Use the Easy Name Pronounced

Again, imagine if your friend ask the name of your device. When you told him and his response was "How do you spell it?" It does not seem so bad until you have to spell it every time someone takes the name of your device.

It might look easy when you spell "Xavathon" on paper, but if you mention it, there is some confusion that arise from it. Avoid names that are difficult spoken to at your own convenience.

Use Pattern Name for Multiple Devices

Tips and tricks for computer last name computer hardware, if you have a lot of devices that must be named, say more than three, it may be beneficial for you to use a certain pattern, set, trend, or group name on all your devices. For example, the computer is following the pattern of "Oranges (element)", so the name of your device "Grapefruit", "Orange Honey", and others.

You can do the same or you can do something more conventional, like the names of the planets, or the colors of the rainbow, or a city in Germany. Give him a pattern will make it easier to remember.


By using the naming devices as well as on computer tips and tricks, you will not be confused. You will also feel attached to what you have, with the names of the other people do not.
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