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Communication Children with Autism Using This iPad Application

Selasa, 19 Februari 20130 komentar

Apple mobile devices, the iPad proved to be a useful communication tool for people with autism. It is be proved by the way they express themselves through words and images. This sophisticated tablet can be used to teach people with the scenario of daily activities and give them the freedom to indulge. Is a 12-year-old boy named Jonathan Izak has an autistic brother who inspired him to develop an iPad app called AutisMat. Oriel beloved sister and had trouble communicating verbally.

At the age of 7 years Oriel has a communication device worn around the neck. However, it is even more exiling him from the other kids at school. Thanks to the persistence of his brother, Oriel now always take the iPad anywhere and use it to communicate and learn new behavior patterns such as ways to interact socially. Izak himself a Grama approach is simple and effective. Because the traditional means of communication itself has a limit each individual and too complicated to use. AutisMate alone can build a strong language foundation and enables people with autism to communicate easily.

Many social and behavioral problems associated with autism, ranging from the inability to express themselves hinggal behavioral asocial. This iPad application itself uses a variety of research based visual to build an understanding of which is then able to memimping people with autism improve their own behavior patterns. AutisMate allow parents or other caregivers or menunggah to take photographs of their children in the room, the kitchen, or the school through this application. AutisMate When launched, the GPS in the device will know where the user is an allowed them to take pictures of the environment they were at the time. In fact, children can tap the icon image fridge to express that he was hungry.

This iPad app alone has about 12,000 symbols, voice recording feature, and synthesized voice that can easily adapt to any future users. This is not the usual way for autistic children to communicate in non-verbal and use their iPad as a communication tool. However, AutismSpeaks.org said that 25% of people with autism is familiar with the patterns of non-verbal communication. Izak himself said he found that parents and therapists feel communication applications on the market today are limited, expensive, and not easy to use. Therefore, he created AutisMate with an intuitive interface. Even the content contained therein can be shared via email, and can be used by more than one user.

AutisMate itself just released an updated version of their application that features social interaction. Such features can help any user enhance communication patterns. Ang pictures are taken and uploaded the user can be an indication of the presence and communicate their needs and desires. IPad Application developer developed this SpecialNeedsWare you can download for $ 49.99 via the App Store here.
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