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Common Problems Frequently Occurs On When Taking Pictures Using the Camera Mobile

Kamis, 21 Februari 20130 komentar

Today, mobile phones are equipped with cameras to improve our productivity. For those who like to take pictures, of course, the camera on the mobile phone becomes more value for users. In addition to practical, handphone camera also makes it easy to capture images, either for work or while traveling on vacation. Various decorate camera phones with resolution size and quality of each.
In this day and age, the camera phone has become a necessity. When buying a new phone, some people consider the resolution and quality of the camera in it. The camera is something that must exist in a cell phone. That assumption most people today. However, if the camera on the phone has to work optimally for you? Are you still having problems taking photos? Here is New Tech gave dish common problems that often befall when photos are taken using a camera phone, and ways to overcome them.
Image Blur
Problem that is easily seen and probably most common in every phone while taking photos is that blur the images, so the image is not clear. Camera phones should remain in place when taking photos. Perhaps, to fix this you always hold the phone while taking a picture with two hands. The thing to note is when pressing the shutter button, or maybe tap on the screen on most mobile phones today, try to press and hold until the capture is complete, and then just remove your finger from the shutter button. This is to avoid moving the phone while taking a picture, because you release the shutter button before the process is complete. Light intensity also is affecting the image to blur. The less light when photos are taken, the more likely you are to get motion blur. You may need to find a bright area for taking photos, or use the flash on your camera phone.
Taking photos moving subjects
Because many mobile cameras have shutter speeds are inadequate, it is not a good idea to take photos of moving subjects. To solve this problem, you need accuracy and speed. The camera phone has now been equipped with autofocus, which you can use. Navigate to focus on a moving subject accurately, and at the right moment, immediately press the shutter button. Or maybe if you're still unsure of that, smartphones, especially Android and iOS, have a camera application that offers the functionality multipleshots when the shutter is released. With the application, then your problem when taking photos on a moving subject resolved soon.
Contrast improper
As most problems that occur in the world of digital photography, photographs often have a contrast that is not right, especially when taking pictures with less light. The best solution to this problem is to use an image editing program and process new photo taken. Leveraging existing applications on the smartphone, you can get the automatic brightness and contrast features that will improve the quality of your photos.
Dark images
The most obvious problem that existed at the dark figure is due to insufficient light at the photo shoot took place. If your phone does not have a camera flash, or you take photos in areas with little light without using a flash, there is nothing else to do but pick areas that have more light on the subject. Alternatively however, activate the flash on your camera phone.
At the photo shoot, watch backlight. This is where a lot of light behind the subject than in front of the subject. So, make sure the light is coming from behind you, and being in front of the subject at the time of capture.
Photographed is something that's fun. In addition to the art, images can also be used to remember the past. Using a camera phone, you can take pictures wherever and whenever you are. By addressing a common problem when taking photos using a camera phone, take a picture then you will experience better
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