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Cheese Tower - Games Puzzle Android The Most Fun

Selasa, 05 Februari 20130 komentar

There are many puzzle games available for Android devices. It is not without reason because these games are fun, and gives you a sense of satisfaction every time you can solve a puzzle. However, after playing a puzzle for some time, you tend to feel bored because the same pattern of the game though with different difficulty levels. One good idea is to have a variety of puzzle games that keep the game interesting. The following are recommended puzzle game for Android device.

Cheese Game Challenge Tower

Cheese Tower is a puzzle game for Android devices Android almost like Jenga, but not too complex. In each level, you are faced dengna a tower consisting of a block of cheese and mice. Cheese Puzzle game idea is to remove all blocks mice without dropping one block of cheese from the table. If you drop three blocks of cheese, then the game will end. If you manage to remove all the blocks without dropping a block of cheese the mice, then you'll pass and go up to the next level. If you lose, then hordes of rats will laugh and celebrate.

Starting the Game

Starting Android puzzle game is pretty simple. Once installed, you must select the Play button, and then tap on the screen. You can switch between different themes by swiping the screen left and right. But for now, you can just choose a theme Kids and St. Patrick's Day. After choosing a theme, select Level 1. In each theme there are different difficulty levels.


As mentioned above, the goal of any level puzzle Android game is to keep all the cheese while eliminating blocks mice. You will play as Jimmy, with the ability to cunningly clever cat, who just retired from military service. Jimmy new job is keeping the existing cheeses from mice rogue who will try to steal it.

There are many different strategies that you can use to increase your chances of winning. One that you might try is to tap some of the mice quickly, so the cheese will fall simultaneously. In addition, you can download one by one tap block mouse and wait until the cheese blocks down. If you are new at playing this game, you may need to try several strategies to get the most convenient technique.

Indeed, this Android puzzle game look simple, but this game will not let you complete each level with ease because the higher the level you achieve, the game will also be more difficult.


To install Cheese Tower, you just need to look in the Android Market by typing "cheese tower" and click Install. On Google Play on your desktop, you can click on "Install" and choose what device you are using. The installation process will begin automatically on the selected device. This game is completely free to install to your device. This game is only measuring 6 MB, so it will not weigh on your Android device storage space. This game you can play on your Android device version 2.0 and above.

Android puzzle game is accompanied with features like real physical collisions and gravity simulation. This game also comes with four sets of unique and different levels, and still will be no more updates will be coming soon level.


Actually, the concept of the game of Cheese Tower is not very unique, but you'll enjoy the simple aesthetics and themes of the game. In a way, this game is one of the best for this type of puzzle game. The only real drawback of this game lies in the navigation is very similar to Angry Birds, for example, the display screen after you complete a level, very similar. Button to see another level or to restart the level is also nearly identical. However, for some people this might be a good thing. Players will not find it difficult, because of the navigation are already familiar. It is also what makes this game easy to play.

Download games for Android Cheese Tower here.
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