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Change the iPhone Become Joypad Gamepad with Legacy

Senin, 11 Februari 20130 komentar

Perhaps you are among those who frequently travel to perform a job. One is a source of entertainment for your iPhone and MacBook Pro. When you are looking to play multiplayer games, the obstacles is the lack of control. You can use the iPhone as a joypad using Joypad Legacy.

Using a Mac or a Windows PC and a couple of iPhones, unexpectedly it easy to turn your iOS device into a touch-screen gamepad. The lack of physical feedback that it is not suitable for gaming "serious", but at for the emulator and simple game, iPhone game app is working fine. This game can make you change your Windows laptop or Mac OS X into a portable emulator or game console wherever you are, and it's free.

Simple settings

See the site and download Joypad Joypad Legacy Connect for Mac or PC. When downloaded and installed, you must download the application from the App Store. This software is very light, and does not require a long time to download and install it to your device.

After downloading both applications, you are ready to run. Run the host software on Mac or PC. List above shows a typical configuration with default emulator settings. At the bottom, shows a list of devices that can be used as a gamepad. With the software running on your computer, run the application on your iPhone.

So long as both devices are connected to the same wireless network, then you should be able to click on your device in the Joypad Connect to connect and use the PC as a gamepad. Now you are ready to use the iPhone with an emulator or by adding a configuration for use with the Mac App Store, Steam or third-party games.

The software maps the keyboard, so this iPhone app is really just an extra keyboard, even with the limited options. By pressing the joypad icon in the bottom left corner of your application can access different skins, from the modern to the retro version of the classic controls for the NES, SNES and Genesis. It's always a good idea to make sure your skin matches the configuration that you use on your PC, because you may be short of the required button.

Performance and WiFi

You might be surprised at how well this control function. In the game Street Fighter Alpha 2, you can drag and Shoryuken fireball in no time. You have to train your fingers to not hang around on the screen, unless you're really serious about using a small sticker on the controller or piece of screen protector works well.

In Snes9x to enable full screen mode is probably a nice way. In window mode the desktop sometimes get confused and start switching between spaces (Mac OS X). In a wireless network rather busy there will be little delay, but there is a solution for it.

When you consider the validity of using a laptop as a true emulator and games consoles, maybe the lack of network connectivity might be a problem. Is not an option to use the Joypad Legacy via bluetooth, so the WiFi connection is required. You could consider the possibility of ad-hoc networks, and use a Mac to try it. The results were very good, with almost no delay whatsoever, no input down and easy setup.

Here's how to use it on Mac OS X:

• Click on the WiFi indicator in the menubar at the top of the screen and click Create Network.

• We recommend that you use the default name, select whether you want to be safe or not (you should select None).

• Create a network, and then scan the WiFi on your iPhone (Settings> Wireless).

• Before connecting, tap the blue arrow next to the ad-hoc network you just created

• In the DHCP select Static IP Address and enter the IP address that appears on your Mac (you can find this under System Preferences> netword> WiFi).

• Under the subnet mask (assuming you make your Mac subnet, enter

• Tap WiFi in the left corner and connect to the network as normal.

• Run the application on your iPhone and check that you are connected under the Joypad Connect on your Mac.

You only need to do this once, as long as you use the same name under Create your Network. If your performance is quite below the standard wireless network, then you may not want to bother with the latter, although it must be remembered that the ad-hoc approach can transform your Mac into a mobile gaming machine wherever you are. This application can be downloaded through the official website here. http://getjoypad.com/
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