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Captain Commando Game for Various Platforms

Selasa, 05 Februari 20130 komentar

Around about 12 years ago, Captain Commando PS1 Games a kind adventure game is quite popular play. Not only played by children, Captain Commando also often played by adults at the time. Then, if the background setting of this game? Captain Commando gives a chance in the future of the world in the year 2026 which was then filled with a variety of crimes. When a crisis occurs, a superhero named Captain Commando, assisted by three faithful companions, Captain Commando rise to save the Earth and all of the super villain Galaxy that has incredible power.

As the main character, Captain Commando must have great strength. Besides having natural talent, a strong mind and body, Captain also use the "Energy Gloves" (shaped gloves) are capable of firing the bullet fire and electric shock. Captain some other tricks, such as Captain Collider, Captain Cannon, Captain Kick, Captain Goggles, Captain Protector, Captain Gaunlet, and Captain Boots. Besides the body of Captain Commando is also protected with a strong material called "Captanium".
While the other characters in this game who befriended Captain Commando is

Mack the Knife, which is often called The Mummy Commando because it is shaped like an alien with a mummified appearance. He has the ultimate weapon that can make his opponent blades melting. Assassination techniques called "Spinning Attack", which is round like a top, and bandages his enemies can attack like a whip. Some other moves owned Mack the Knife is Double Trouble, Sky Assault, Captain Cap, Genetic Knife, Gravity Controllers. You need to know that the name of Mack the Knife is taken from the name of the title track made by Bertolt Brecht.

Ginzu Ninja, or nicknamed The Ninja Commando and has a Japanese name "Sho". Prominent characters are fellow who looked like Captain Commando Ninja and Ninjutsu style fighting style. Sharp sword that can cut the opponent in half. The technique is best murder with Smoke Bomb, by merging himself into smoke and then explode and destroy the enemy. Ginzu Ninja is the only character in this game are able to cast a secret weapon for his opponents. Some tricks flagship is Laizuki, Flying Katana, Ninja Eyes, Servant Sword, Ninja Suit, and Lightning Light.

Baby Head, is the only character Captain Commando game's most unique and bizarre. Baby Head is a smart and genius baby. Since he was a baby, Baby Head to walk using a robot with the capability of self-designed fabulous. Engineering best murder of Baby Head is "Knee Rocket", a rocket launched from the knee robots Baby Head. Baby Robot Head has a supply of missiles that very much so you do not have to worry about when playing this character. Some tricks mainstay Baby Head is Rolling Punch, Elbow Smash, Pile-driver, and Fling-away. Another robot sophistication Baby Head is on technology "Talking Machine" to speak, since he was a baby.

Just like other adventure games, in Captain Commando character you have to run through enemy obstacles to complete the mission. A character can recover his health with food hidden in barrels or other objects damaged to restore their vitality. There are also other bonus items to increase the score of character.

The peak popularity game Captain Commando is when the PS1 was still booming a video game device. However, did you know that Captain Commando was originally created for a video game arcade platform running with coins, or what is often called "Dingdong". But for the future, Captain Commando released for PS1, PS2, Super NES, PSP, Xbox and other platforms.

For those of you who yearn to play back Captain Commando game, you can play back on a PC device to download it for free here.

Game made by Capcom developer has a file size is not too big, only about 6.99 MB. Congratulations nostalgic childhood games
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