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Can You Not Destroyed In Android Car Racing Game Extreme Road Trip?

Jumat, 08 Februari 20130 komentar

Simple but fun. It's possible sentence that could represent this one game. Android car racing game with 2D graphics quality that is enough to make us addicted. If during these games you are playing a game that requires intelligence, not the skill to control, make it more colorful like a balance, expect a smooth landing, and so on. To review this time, will give a Paseban Android racing game that does not need to turn left and right of your vehicle, simply make it land smoothly on a track that was not destroyed.

Extreme Road Trip

This game is a racing game that can be played on Android 2.2 or above, to be played on iOS iOS 4.3 or more, and during the optimization for the iPhone. The key to this game as described above is balance. We do not need to bother thinking for speed, brake, turn or avoiding other cars. What we need is a car to land properly on the road, that's all.

This is an extreme game road so the track will not be provided seamlessly. Cars will fly after crossing the mound, snow or rocks. This is where the calculations start is needed. When flying car, before landing you have to adjust the position of the car in order to land properly and smoothly. This affects the speed of your car will even existing gas in the car was wearing a rock on hold, so we can not lower the speed. Likewise with brakes that have been released by the workshop that assembles this car. The more you experience accidents or imperfections landed, the car will be destroyed. Or even a more fatal could happen, the front hood you too down. Accidents like these make your car instantly destroyed. If you can, make your car in style with somersaults in the air.

Early run

When first run, you will not be created trouble adapting to the setting. The main menu provides the sound settings, music, language and so forth. Once you are done in the settings menu, go to the Play option. In this menu we will be given a car. Others do exist but we have to buy it or even finish a particular quest. If you often play, surely one by one these cars will terebuka. When finished selecting your vehicle, select the track you want to conquer. There are several tracks to choose from such as snow, urban, desert, jungle, and so forth. It does not affect anything, just a steep dune scenery and you've gone through. Make him a sort of view when racing.


When the initial play, the car will drive slowly without gas (gas was detained wear stone), then faster and faster and through hilly roads. These hills that make our vehicles flying high and it is your turn to control it. There are only two controls for this game, left and right. It's also not to bend the steering wheel to tilt the vehicle but the vehicle left and right. You can also tap these controls when both want the vehicle in the normal position. Try to position the car fitted with the foundation. When you land on a hill mounds make the car a little standing position. If landing in derivatives, create a lower front hood. Good landing speed will smooth your car.

On the way, you will find a variety of objects. There is a snowman when the snow on the track, there is a statue of geese, poles and so forth. This will reduce the resistance of your car as well. Besides, we also get points on the road as well as NOS (Nitrous Oxide System) that makes the car go faster and the car can fly higher. points earned earlier, can be used to upgrade or buy a new vehicle car. Game will end when your car is destroyed, and then the score will be calculated.

Although it looks complicated, but actually it is a simple game. Deficiency is the most prominent in terms of graphics. When your car is flying so high, it seems he is not taller, just a small increase and the track is not visible. Then continues to expand until the track looked back. It's like the technology era SEGA or Nintendo gaming console. However, for this game fun worth a try. Please click here for Android and here for iOS
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